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Blogger Of The Year & A Rising Star – Yugansh Chokra

Interview with a rising star blogger of the year Yugansh Chokra!

Today I’ve Invited a very handsome guy and a Rising Star Blogger Yugansh Chokra direct from the BlogX stage.

He is one of the speakers on the stage of BlogX where some well-known faces and internet marketing experts like Kulwant Nagi, Jitendra vaswani, and many other experts have been invited to share their views and experience. He Is One Of Them!

I know this guy from a while and he is really a good and very polite blogger. Very helpful and a TechLover.

[su_heading size=”28″]Quick Intro & Quick Questions[/su_heading]

Hi Jagdish, first of all thanks for this awesome interview and it’s my pleasure to be here on 50 shades of Blogging.

My name is Yugansh Chokra and I am a 17-year old tech geek founded a blog called Techzealand and soon I am coming up with a startup called Shop Nani. I am from Delhi, currently pursuing B.Tech. from NSIT, for more please head on to my portfolio (http://yuganshchokra.com).

Why you have chosen blogging Yugansh?

I started blogging to share my knowledge and sharing the tech stuff. Blogging is my hobby, that’s it.

How many blogs you’re managing currently?

Currently, I am running only one blog Techzealand (http://techzealand.com) and soon I will live the blog of Shop Nani too.

Let my readers know about your start-up (ShopNani)

Hahaha, you are the first one who asked me about my startup in an interview. Basically, Shop Nani is a price comparison site and I know that there are many price comparison site. On Shop Nani I am going to cover offline stores too and you can make a lot out of it, like when you order something using Shop Nani then you will receive free goodies or accessories. I can’t disclose much about it as I haven’t disclosed it officially.

What was your first income?

My first income was flat Rs.1000 which I made by selling sidebar space on Techzealand for advertisement of a new blog and it was much difficult to convince the client.

[su_heading size=”28″]Advice from A Rising Star Blogger[/su_heading]

What advice will you give the newbie for their blog? Do you have any secret that you use to rank your blog? Please share with my readers.

For newbies, there are many things because I have done alot of mistakes when I started blogging. Let me wrap up the points,

  1. Niche : Choose your niche where you are interested, don’t look up for money, like my friend have tech niche and he is making enough money so you started writing for Tech, if you have knowledge of health, sports etc. then write on that niche.
  2. SEO : SEO is recommended but not mandatory, because I have seen many guys they just install Yoast and they think that all done, see SEO is a vast field, there are many things you need to consider while writing a post and I am writing an eBook on SEO and Monetization, stay connected to learn more about it.
  3. Content : I always say one thing – “Content is the king” so if you have the right content then you can achieve your subscribers or traffic or whatever you want and if you don’t have right content then you do SEO, marketing anything but still you won’t be able to achieve those potential viewers.
  4. And there are many more things for newbie bloggers, stay in touch, I will share a depth-in case study on Techzealand.

And for ranking, Alexa simply works on traffic only, increase your organic traffic, that’s it.

What mistakes you have done in the starting, that you think if you didn’t did those mistakes then you will save some time? Please save my readers to do those mistakes.

My mistakes, first I started copying content, when I was using Blogspot I was copying content, and second mistake was poor content, third was not good reach on social media because I wasn’t much aware of the power of social media, so try to engage the users. Focus on each and everything.

[su_heading size=”28″]Grab Some Inspiration from Here![/su_heading]

How long you have been doing blogging and what makes you to do more?

Well, I am doing blogging for a long time on blogspot but I started actual blogging last year in the month of May ( 15th May 2015).

As a blogger what is your biggest success instead of money?

The biggest success was 5digits of subscribers and 6-digits of viewers within 6months of blogging.

As an entrepreneur what are the most important 5 things that helped you grow?

  1. Dedication
  2. Late night works 😛
  3. Inspirations
  4. Internet
  5. Last but not least Family support is must 🙂

Looking back any moments of your journey as an entrepreneurial or blogging journey worth remembering?

That increasing graph on the dashboard of analytics, that was really awesome and I was damn excited at that time.

Anything, that you want to say to my readers?

Obviously, 50 Shades Of Blogging is a good blog, you are at right place, keep learning, keep sharing, do subscribe to this awesome blog.

It’s Me Jagdish!

So the interview is over now, I’ll come up with some more interesting and expert bloggers. This is Yugansh Chokra on 50 Shades Of Blogging and it’s a pleasure to have you have here Yugansh, and all the best for your startup ShopNani.

As Yugansh said don’t forget to subscribe 😉

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