What Is Event Blogging? What I’ve Learned About Event Blogs?

by Jagdish Kashyap | Last Updated: August 2, 2016

The question ‘What Is Event Blogging?’ is one of the most asked questions in blogger atmosphere, Nowadays.

Many bloggers are still struggling to understand this whole concept of Event Blogging and you know what, I’m one of them.

But I’ve started exploring and what I’ve learned and gain is very awesome.

Today, I’m going to share with you what Event Blogging is and one of my event blog that is generating 2-3 dollars every day.

What I’ve learned about Event Blogging?

Event blogs really are money making machines. They can generate more than any job (Not against Jobs)

If you know, How to do On-Page SEO and little bit Off-Page SEO then you can easily rank an event blog and earn money.

These blogs have decent amount of CTR Percentages (actually it totally depends on the niche, ad placement, and other technical stuff), having a massive amount of traffic plus CPC.

But still, some bloggers don’t even know about event blogging.

Ok, Let’s Get Dirty!

Not really, what I mean by “dirty” is: Let’s dig in this topic.

What event blogs actual are?

Providing knowledge about an event through blogs called as “Event Blogs”. These blogs are created on the event that is going to live in next 2-3 months.

Bloggers purchased a domain related to that event and work on that until it comes on the first page of Google or any other search engine that they are targeting to.

So, this is the description about Event Blogs and This whole concept known as “Event Blogging”

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Some Interesting Pictures

Let me tell you one thing, some bloggers will tell you that you must have some visitor flow to earn through your blog.

Well, I have some screenshots to proving them wrong!

Let me show you

Huge Traffic - Analyticsview a large image

Nice right?

This is not an insane traffic, if you’re doing blogging from a long time then you can easily bring that much traffic, but why I’m showing you this?

Let me show you something more…

Huge Traffic Earning - Adsenseview a large image

This is why I’m showing you this, Having more than 40k monthly traffic and not event making $20-$30 in a month.

Now, Let me prove those bloggers wrong about their concept of “Visitor=Earning

One of the Event Blog from My Pocket

Event Blog - Google Analyticsview a large image

Can you see it?

Well, the traffic is far less than above one, right?

You will get little curious to know about what the heck is this after seeing this screenshot…

[sociallocker]Event Blog - Google Adsenseview a large image


Last Words – See You Soon In Your Mail Box ^_^

I’ll make a chain of content all full guide to getting started with event blogging, Let me tell you about my next article –

These are some upcoming contents which will help you to get started with event blogging. See you soon!