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SEMRush Review – Promo Discount & Pros Cons

SEMrush is a great tool having all-in-one features for providing marketing insights to the users. This tool mainly focuses to help those marketers who are working in the services like PPC, SEO, Keyword Research, SMM, PR, Content Marketing, Competitive Research, etc.

SEM Rush is the top-rated tool for SEO that is available today in the market, having the largest number of keyword database to suggest to users as compared to any other tool. This tool was initially founded in 2008, and the owner wanted to make it an online visibility platform along with content marketing features.

The SEMrush tool worked to be great and very helpful for the marketers, with its SEO toolkit having various features to offers and reducing stress and workload for the marketers. The advertising toolkit also offers simple and easy to use features for marketing the business along with the social media toolkit and competitive research toolkit.

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SEMrush Overview

It contains tons of exciting features and gives lots of information to the users. Some basic info help that this tool provides to every user are.

  • It helps to create new web content to easily attract traffic
  • It easily identifies link-building opportunitiesIt can modify technical aspects of your website content to make it reach a higher search ranking.
  • It gives keyword suggestions that are based on the texts or phrase that you enter in your content that are the basis of your blog posts. These keywords are likely to perform well in search results.
  • It also suggests that how difficult it can be to rank for any specific search keywords or phrases.
  • It also suggests some websites that might be worth checking for backlinks.
  • It allows performing “SEO audit” for websites that help to find out any technical improvements if required.

SEO Toolkit – SEMrush Review

SEMrush has one of the finest SEO toolkits, having related features to improve the content. Each of the features that the SEO Toolkit from SEMrush offers is listed below in detail.

Domain Analysis Or Competitive Research

Domain analysis is typically performed on your own website to see and overview the quality of the domain content according to an SEO point of view. Most of the SEO projects start with domain analysis to check the ‘quality of a domain to meet SEO standards. It helps the users to think about where SEO improvements are required and where the changes could be made.

It’s easy to perform domain analysis using SEMrush Toolkit, in which you just need to enter a domain URL. Using its ‘domain overview’ section, you can get an immediate response when you share the domain URL in the given space. It displays how well it’s performing in search results.

Users can analyze any domains and their organic research and also display traffic analytics, do keyword gap, etc.; any domain name can be searched in this toolkit to display all the essential data related to it on your screen. It’s a good step, actually, when you are doing research on a competitor site.

Keyword Research

Using some great tools like keyword magic tool, keyword overview, the SEMrush offers the user to check and display various metrics for the keyword volume, or CPC, and another number of results. The good thing is that you get keyword suggestions and phrase match options that relate to the content along with all their metrics.

The keyword you use or select also display a trend graph that lets a user to know the ranking of related keyword among the search engines. It also suggests the ranking for the near future and the expectation that it will have more traffic. Using the keyword research with SEMrush Toolkit, the user also gets to display the SERP results list.

Link Building

With Link Building, it’s easier for the SEMrush to enter any domain name or URL to display backlinks or to search any backlink analytics. This helps to display any anchor texts, referring domains, or backlinks referring IPs, indexed pages, and other such link related metrics to a user.

If you are interested in blogger outreach prospection, this would be an ideal tool to use. The guest post and other link building campaigns can also be tested with this tool. It works by giving your access to page scores as well as trust score with its filters to show up top 20% of the powerful backlinks that are actually supporting a website.

The major benefit of using SEMrush is that even if you are running a free version of this tool, you still get to import over 100 domains and for paid subscriptions, you can get to 10,000 domains easily.

Rank Tracking

The ranking is important for SEO content, and SEMrush makes it easier to track rankings for the website’s pages. It looks for the keywords that a user is actually targeting for a website that is set up for tracking. Some backlinks can be imported easily using SEMrush website data, or users can import a file.

It generates a report for the rank by doing a proper keyword search and traces all the relevant keywords added. After the report generates, users can have a look to check where their site is being ranked for the given keywords that are used.

On-Page And Tech SEO

The toolkit also offers a great feature for on-page SEO audit as well as helps the user to analyze the technical SEO of the website. It analyzes different things about the site, starting from its internal linking to the outer structure, broken links, and other options.

Users have the choice to set the Site Audit to run often periodically, which makes it easier for the SEMrush tool to generate and send audit reports occasionally directly into the inbox. If users want to check all these things manually, it will take a lot of time; that is why SEMrush makes it quicker and faster.

Advertising Research

Using the right way, you can do an advertising search with this tool which is almost like SEO competitor research. SEMrush displays the entire PPC reports when a user enters certain URLs in the tool for a specific website. This lets the user to see the PPC traffic and the keywords for which that site is ranked for.

Users have the option to display the competitors, display positions, changes, ad copies, ad history, etc. By heading over the Ad Copies, that would display a list of ads that a competitor site might be running. The “Ad history” gives an archive for those PPC ads.

Summing Up SEMrush

SEMrush helps in the following ways.

  • It helps the user to tell which keywords to add.
  • It helps the users make a page or website content appear as a Google ‘featured snippet.’
  • It helps the user to know how to improve body copy and meta description.
  • Suggests the user some websites to approach for backlinks
  • Helps to handle the length of content
  • Helps in developing internal linking strategies


  • One of the largest SEO keywords database
  • Amazing traffic analytics feature enabling a user to display the number of visits, and other data of any sites
  • It has a content marketing toolkit to help in topic research and SEO template creation
  • It works very well as writing assistant and for a content audit
  • It has brand monitoring to analyze more info
  • The advertising toolkit helps in keyword ad history or to display advertising, and features like ad builder and PLA research are included
  • SEMrush has a really large database due to its expanded backlink database
  • One of the largest keyword database currently in the world


  • The SERP analysis features aren’t inbuilt
  • Whitelabel reports can be only achieved from the highest premium subscription
  • Keyword difficulty scores have chances of unreliability

How to Use the SEMrush Promo Code?

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  • Visit SEMrush website and click ‘Get a free 30-day trial’ button.
  • Simply enter details and choose a password at the signup. Click ‘Create your SEMrush account’.
  • Enter the credit card details, the SEMrush discount coupon is applied from your account automatically.
  • Now add your billing details, such as name, email, contact number, and also the address.
  • Click ‘Place Order’ button.

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