Publer - Social Media Management Tool

Publer Reviews: Is It Really A Superhero? Let’s Find Out!

Tired of scheduling posts on dozens of social media platforms? How about trying Publer that automates your scheduling? Here’s everything to know.

I understand. This takes forever to schedule posts on dozens of social media platforms. Typing the same captions, attaching the same pictures, tagging the same location — it’s awful! And there are annoying guidelines like Twitter’s caption limitations. You always wished of having one button for scheduling, right? My head was also spinning on this question until I discovered Publer. So I thought, let’s compile this Publer Review containing my experiences.

What Is Publer & How It’s Beneficial?

Publer - Social Media Management Tool

Long story short, Publer is an automatic social media management assistant that helps in scheduling, managing and responding to numerous social media platforms all at once. Publer provides users with an automated and centralized dashboard that gathers their social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more yet to come. More like that big display in SciFi movies, where the villain monitors everything sitting on the couch.

Okay, back to your dashboard! This unified environment helps in easy access, bulk management, and collaboration with team members associated with their respective social media account. And believe me, this has made my workflow much more comfortable. It’s absolutely worth for offloading your work and seizing an extra hour. Users are also benefitted with detailed analytics for evaluation and gauging with their post engagement.

How Does Publer Work?

Publer benefits from something that’s called the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This is an extraordinary and user-friendly content management system that makes workflows comfortable for social media managers, Facebook page administrators and freelancers. It’s full-fledged, and feature-rich management algorithms drive everything from small businesses, government organizations, global brands and even multinational companies.

Publer possesses the potential of offloading the onerous tasks of Facebook and transform the social media platforms into practical, systematic and intuitive marketing tools. I guess, now you can understand why Publer calls themselves superheroes in the sense, they save users from the complexities and hassles of social media management. With Publer, you don’t even need to open those social applications as the dashboard organizes everything for you.

Why should you choose Publer?

I had the same question before I dived into Publer. And the answer is simple. Publer makes it comfortable for managing all your social media handles as everything is organized and unified under one single dashboard. Apart from post scheduling and automating hundreds of posts at once, you can diversify post rules for each mainstream social platform. This helps to avoid random posting guidelines like Twitter’s caption limitations.

As an example, you can set the number of photos on Facebook & Instagram, shorten captions for Twitter feeds, and exclude unprofessional emojis from LinkedIn posts. These are the just the tips of the iceberg. You’ll understand how convenient Publer is after you start using this tool. Once your conditions are efficiently applied, Publer handles the rest. Now you can schedule posts without getting tangled into complicated platform optimization.

Key Features Of Publer For Social Media Management

Publer boasts bucket loads of features that help in social media management. This also shortened my spendings on scheduling posts and checking platform analytics. Here are some highlighted and unique features of Publer that make this management tool ideal for page admins and social media marketers.

Auto Scheduling

The phrase is enough for justifying what it does. Publer finds an appropriate timeslot based on the manual configuration already programmed. The system then checks whether there are any other scheduled posts in the exact timeslot. Users just need to develop posting schedules with proper date/time, labels, select on which platform(s) to post, and include media files and attachments such as photos, videos, GIFs and web URLs. You see, it’s that much easier.

Bulk Scheduling

Now you don’t need to schedule hundreds of posts for various social platforms manually. Publer lets you import up to 500 photos, videos, GIFs, attachments and links, only by dragging into the dashboard. Once you setup the timeline, Publer automatically schedules posts, makes necessary changes like caption shortening, removing emojis for LinkedIn and stamp watermarks. Enthusiasts can also utilize CSV support for easy bulk timeline scheduling.

Automatic Watermark Insertion

As mentioned earlier, Publer can effectively stamp watermarks on media files (e.g. photos/videos/GIFs) and offload another hassle of dealing with complex media editing software. Watermarks are sometimes used as advertising tools for quick recognition of the brands. Though adding watermarks on photos are quite effortless, the challenge appears while dealing with videos and GIFs. Thus, the system adds necessary watermarks, saving you time and efforts.

Saving Drafts For Later Access

You may wonder what Publer does with the posts once they’re published. The tool not only posts by following the schedule but also allows users to save drafts of already posted contents. The dashboard has its “Saved Drafts” tab, where every post ever scheduled are gathered for reuse. Using Publer, drafts can also be saved into bulks and categorized according to their post content. Whatever you need from previous posts, you can simply grab from there.

Auto-Delete & Auto-Share

After posting anything on blogging platforms and websites, Publer can share, schedule and repost automatically. Links are always attached and shortened for visitors’ comforts. Publer also boasts an Auto-Delete feature that’s used for deleting posts after specific periods. Especially for promotional and advertising contents, the predefined Auto-Delete function can effectively delete selected posts without manual involvement and delays.

Call-To-Action Buttons and Links

Call-To-Action buttons are quite important for increasing your accounts’ CTR (Click Through Rate). You can redirect your audience to visit your website, call for support, and purchase your products through on-screen buttons around selected posts. Platforms like Facebook & Instagram always had such features for business profiles. And now using Publer, you can seamlessly include CTA buttons on your posts for maximum audience engagement and promotions.

Auto-Shortening URLs

Longs links and URLs can sometimes be distracting. Therefore, by partnering with Bitly, JotURL and RocketLink, Publer automatically shortens URLs and also adds custom UTM parameters. If you associate one such URL shortening site with your Publer dashboard, every link on your scheduled posts will be automatically shortened within 15 characters. This distinctive feature is quite handy for Twitter, where caption characters are limited.

Other Unique Features Of Publer

  • The dashboard allows organizing accounts by grouping them.
  • Publer automatically affixes signatures and most-used hashtags.
  • Publer offers local media integration and multiple user accounts.
  • Publer can fetch media files with provided photo/video URLs.
  • Users can tag locations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Publers helps in optimizing captions for easy understanding.
  • The management tools have native support for emojis and GIFs.
  • Files can be uploaded from local storage, as well as external links.
  • RSS Feeds can also be imported as bulk scheduling and CSV files.
  • Users can preview and makes changes before posts are published.

Publer Pricing & Tutorials

publer pricing

Alongside its two paid versions, Publer also provides free trial version for five times. The two paid versions are Argentum & Aurum that are priced at $9.99 and $19.99 respectively. Here are the complete insights of Publer’s pricing versions and what they provide. In the paid versions, subscribers can avail 15% discount on monthly fees for quarterly payments, 17% for half-yearly payments, and 20% for annual payments.

The free plan comes with:

  • Five Social Accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • 50 pending scheduled posts per social media account
  • Maximum 25 saved drafts
  • Auto-Schedule, Auto-Share and Auto-Delete functionalities
  • Auto-Shortening URLs with Bitly, JotURL and RocketLink
  • Location Tagging
  • Post Previewing
  • Built-In Emoji Packs

The Publer Argentum Plan ($9.99) comes with:

  • All the features in the free plan
  • Unlimited Scheduling and Unlimited Drafts
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Auto-Schedule, Auto-Share and Auto-Delete
  • Automatic watermarks on images only
  • Detailed Analytics and Intuitive Dashboard
  • Signatures & Custom Hashtags
  • Team collaborators with multiple accounts

The Publer Aurum Plan ($19.99) comes with:

  • All features of free and Argentum plan
  • Posts with multiple images, videos and GIFs
  • Schedule Facebook albums
  • Upload photos/videos from URLs
  • Watermarks on photos/videos/GIFs
  • Automatic recycling posts
  • Schedule recurring posts
  • RSS Feeds, bulk scheduling and CSV imports

For Publer tutorials and in-depth guides, simply visit and watch the linked YouTube video. Else, you can follow the webinar for getting started with Publer and you’ll be presented with detailed guides on each function of Publer, along with screenshots for better understanding. And as always, third-party learning sites and YouTube tutorials are there. That’s how I started my Publer venture.

How Publer Made My Work Easier?

Social media managers need to shorten captions for Twitter feed, add more pictures for Facebook/Instagram and definitely avoid unprofessional material on LinkedIn. However, these directly translate to additional costs and time. This is where Publer came to my rescue. It allowed me to customize the same post across different social media platforms. Instead of creating multiple posts, I chose to create one single, and Publer handled the rest.

Seizing time from my rigorous timeline, I must schedule posts on predefined times. Thus, I found Publer’s Auto Scheduling feature quite helpful. All I did, was filled up the queue, defined scheduling and never worried again. Using Publer, you can further customize your posting schedules using labels. For example, on Mondays, you can post cheering, inspirational quotes, whereas, on Fridays, you can suggest weekend getaway ideas.

All these little customizations, features and tweaks make every social media manager’s workflow seamless. If you’re tired of scheduling posts one by one, why don’t you try Publer? Publer is the most reliable platform from where you can access all the essential tools for scheduling, management and monitoring analytics. You can easily create calendars, upload media files and schedule them using the Bulk Scheduling feature.

While other alternatives also offer bulk scheduling, those services require uploading CSV files. Sounds confusing? I know, because developing CSV files are another nightmare for social media managers. On the other hand, Publer isn’t only limited to CSV files. With its graphical calendar and intuitive interface, you can create bulk scheduling for multiple photos directly from your local storage. Now that’s something CSV doesn’t support.

Publer can automatically adhere your business logo with every photo & video you share on social media. No need for additional editing skills, especially for videos. Moreover, you can also insert custom signatures, contact information, profile tags and hashtags on each post. All these features are effortless ways of raising brand awareness, improving reachability and targetting maximum audience engagement with your most-used hashtags.

And last but not least, detailed and statistical analytics. What’s the importance of having strong social media presence, unless you get insights on how you’re improving. All thanks to Publer Analytics, you can monitor and compare how your posts are performing across multiple social media platforms. With such stats, users can concentrate on social platforms that are lagging, while maintaining an effective growth slant for the rest.

What I Found Obnoxious About Publer?

My only complaint about Publer is the lack of an Android/iOS application. Of course, the web UI is quite intuitive and snappy. But it’s not always possible to glance at the analytics and make quick customisations on-the-go. Another weakness of Publer is its complexity. One needs to spend lots of time adapting the learning curve and setting up the management tool. But once you’re done with learning and customising, it’s shockingly easy afterwards.

How Publer Excels From Its Competitors?

While finding the best social media management program for my work, I encountered numerous competitors. Each one featured something, but none of them featured everything. But Publer stood out as the tailor-made package that I was looking for. Here’s a quick comparison between Publer and its competitors if you wish to know how Publer excels and what convinced me to use this management tool as my daily driver.

Publer vs HootSuite

When it comes to the comparison between Publer and HootSuite, there’s no denial that Publer nails the game. HootSuite lacks some prominent features including brand management, dashboard, visualisation, keyword/LSI tracking, collaboration, scheduling and social media integration. But even after lacking such important functionalities, HootSuite charges up to $400 per month just for nothing. I don’t know why even I’m making this comparison.

Publer vs SocialBee

SocialBee is the closest competitor to Publer with its price-to-performance ratio. It features scheduling, team collaboration, post approvals, import from RSS Feeds and live support. But the only criteria SocialBee lost to Publer, is the lack of trial version and comparatively higher price tag at $29 each month. Additionally, Publer also offers detailed insights on CTRs, engagement, views and also mails the engagement reports of 3 most popular posts of the month.

Publer vs Jarvee

Despite the higher price tag at $20 each month, Jarvee lacks collaboration, free trial plan and live customer support. However, Jarvee overtakes Publer in terms of account management. Jarvee allows users to automate social media presence by increasing performance, liking/disliking posts, joining/leaving groups, following/unfollowing profiles, reposting well-performing posts and adding hashtags & keywords for maximum engagement.

My Final Verdict

It’s evident that when you decide on purchasing any Social Media Management Software, you always seek whether companies and customers are satisfied with the service or not. Thus, I wrote down my unbiased opinions forming this Publer Review and how this tool has helped me organize my post scheduling responsibility. If your job resembles mine and you’re too working under rigorous schedules, I suggest you should give Publer a shot.

Let me know how this Publer Review guide helped you and don’t forget to share among your colleagues who are still manually handling their profiles. With that said, thanks for reading and I will catch you in the next one. Peace.