How does PPC (Pay Per Click) help reap extravagant profits for business?

How does PPC (Pay Per Click) help reap extravagant profits for business?

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC (Pay per click) also called CPC (Cost per click) is an internet advertising model which is basically used to direct traffic to websites. In this, an advertiser pays a specific amount to a publisher when the ad is clicked. Basically, we can say that PPC is an online advertising model in which the advertisers can display their ads for the goods and services when people search query related to the products or services of the advertiser online. Advertisers are only charged when their ads are actually clicked. Due to the major role of keywords found in PPC, it is also be known as Keyword advertising.


The main purpose of PPC is similar to that of cost per impression and cost per order advertising, which are used to estimate the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. It has an advantage over cost per impression in a way as it tells us about the effectiveness of an advertisement.

Majorly, clicks (and CTR) are used to measure the attention and interest towards your business and its ads. If the main purpose of ad creation is generating more clicks, then, Pay-per-click marketing is considered as a preferable option. After getting a certain number of web impressions, the quality and placement of ads will affect click through rates or CTR and the resulting CPC or cost-per-click.

ppc advertising benefits

How does it work?

To get an equal appearance of the advertisement on a search engine i.e. search engine result pages, advertisers cannot simply pay more for getting their ads to appear more prominently than their competitor’s ads. Instead, ads are measured on the basis of their quality on the SERP’s.

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Based on the related keywords, PPC will bring search engine traffic in an auction model. You only have to pay for every click so targeting is very much important.

Following are the different types of PPC advertising models:

Kinds of PPC

•Paid search marketing
•Display advertising
•Social media advertising
•Retargeting PPC advertising
•Price comparison website advertising
•Affiliate marketing

Basically, businesses have many benefits to gain from PPC. Thousands of PPC Management Companies are getting superior advantage through the best advertising practice i.e. PPC. A successful PPC campaign can generate revenue beyond our beliefs. There are a number of online promotion methods but PPC is an exquisite method to get targeted profits and growth for your business. It is one of the most popular methods for reaching targeted audiences at the right time when they are ready to convert.

The benefits of running Pay-per-click advertising include:

•Cost effectiveness
•Target based
•Easily measurable
•Training resources
•Speed and efficiency

The Role of PPC Advertising in your business

Campaign based: If you have an idea and a clear understanding of organizing a short-term campaign for a new product, service, etc. PPC will prove to be the best option for sales and to create a buzz. You can easily start a PPC campaign within 24-48 hours, and customize the text of your mid-campaign so that you can easily adjust the message you have for your target audience.

Direct response business: PPC has proven to be an efficient option for selling a product or service that folks can buy on your website. Online stores are a great example: spending money to increase the number of clicks make sense as each click generates a potential customer. Maintaining a prominent position on a search engine results page equates to immediate and greater ROI.

B2B awareness: When you offer a service in which the sales cycle is measured in weeks and months instead of minutes, PPC helps with visibility and acquiring high–quality customers. You can also control your ad copy and the content for every new user for a better first impression.

Niche terms: PPC can be used to shoot offers when one is trying to generate traffic for a highly specific key phrase.

Product listing: If you are an e-commerce company or have a variety of products listed on your website, search engines like Google or Bing offer a specific ad type which is called product listing ads or PLA’s. Through these ads, your products are highlighted, including a product image. These ads will do wonders for attracting potential buyers to your website.

Remarketing: This is actually a functionality or an added advantage provided by platforms like Google AdWords which basically caters to the users who have already visited your website earlier. You may create a targeted audience with such tailored ads, including images and videos to show your ads, offers etc to the people who have already visited your website. Remarketing through PPC campaigns adds a recall value to the users who have already made their way to your website in past.

Impact of PPC advertising on your business

PPC lets you enjoy various benefits over other online marketing methods, such as fast measurable results, ranking alongside organic results on SERPs instantly, controlled budget and scheduling, traffic is targeted, and you only have to pay for clicks. Usage of PPC will lead to immediate traffic and in most cases, higher ROIs.

Cost effective: Many people have a misconception that PPC is a costly process, and, diving into it might prove to be a money wasting affair. However, after following these simple rules, you might be able to make your campaigns more profitable and achieve your pre-determined tasks.

1.Start slow, measure and grow big
2.Use ways to lower your CPC costs
3.Increase your budget as long as it is profitable
4.Learn from your competitors
5.Spend money on those keywords that generate revenue or provide clicks or conversions

Faster method to get targeted visitors: If you are managing an online business, then you need traffic, not any kind of traffic but only the targeted one that can easily generate more sales and revenue. PPC is the priority when talking about targeted traffic, but as we know that it takes the time to work on the next best alternative that can get you targeted as PPC does. It may take more time to get instant results with SEO, while PPC will bring faster and far better results.

The easiest way to check if your product sells: If you have a nice looking website and your products are also ready to ship but you don’t know that whether your products will sell or not, what is the fastest way to find out? You can run a campaign on Google AdWords and measure the results with your first 1000 targeted visits.

It works well with other digital marketing channels: PPC advertising works well with other digital marketing channels also as it tells which are the best keywords that convert on your website. You can also check the effectivity of the keywords with PPC so that you’ll know which keyword to target with SEO.

Allows us to execute advanced marketing techniques like Retargeting: The most superior way to increase conversions is called Retargeting. Remarketing or Retargeting is a technique of campaign creation and targets those people who have already visited your website but did not convert. You can also provide a certain offers or discount to people as an incentive to revisit your website and complete their purchase process.

Wrapping up

From the above discussion, it is evident that PPC has numerous benefits for business, majorly because it brings fair and faster results as compared to other advertising methods. PPC and SEO can work together to bring best possible results as both are major components and services provided by a digital marketing company. Adopting PPC for your business will be considered as the perfect decision to get targeted audience and reap optimum profits in your business.

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