Note: I’m not a musician or a guitar player, I just love playing and learning, so I’ve bought a new guitar! 



Some people may think Why Kasol? Why Not Moon or Austalia?
Bhai Paise Bhi to hone Chahiye Na, 500$ Kmaye h 5000$ Ni…

I don’t use to travel that far on festivals or on special days instead, I like to stay with my friends and dance all night with no sense of beats. But this time my friends are with me!

The most interesting part about all of these is my friends, and my team is coming with me on this Kasol New Year Trip, and we are gonna fun all day and night.

Some may be wondering, that the title isn’t about Kasol. Hahaha!

Sure guys, let’s start!

How I’ve Made 500$+ Extra in November 2016

I own which is Bollywood Movies Download website.

[su_highlight background=”#0c0c0b” color=”#ffffff”]UPDATE: THE SITE HAS BEEN DOWN DUE TO SOME ISSUES![/su_highlight]

The site has more than 80k Daily traffic (yeah I’m not making millions of dollars yet)  that’s a cool metrics to show off, but you can’t make that much money from Download niches as you can’t use Adsense on it.

I’ve tested too many ads type and networks, CPC (Adsense got ban), CPA, CPM, even affiliates. Also, I’ve mixed up some ad networks to generate 100$ in a day, all included.

But I can’t make it.

Then one of my teammate Suraj Kashyap (also my younger brother) has suggested us one of the best link shortener services. 

LinkShrink Reviews – The Real Thing Begins Now!

LinkShrink is one of the best link shortener websites that’s what I personally think because they have 5 days payment system which I love the most.

It’s a link shortener service which gives you money on each click on the links which is shortened by LinkShrink.



Things I like In LinkShrink, Personally!

  • First of all, as I mentioned above “5 Days Payment System”. You can withdraw your money in 5 days, means if you have earned 5 dollars, you can withdraw it and next payment you can withdraw in after 5 days.
  • LinkShrink has some excellent tools which can totally double your income and you can earn on each visitor. (if you have small bouncing rate or high page views you can make decent from LinkShrink).
  • Easy Interface, NoBull-Shit!
  • Easy Stats view.
  • Referral Program

These are the things which force me to write LinkShrink Reviews, but that’s not the only thing. Everybody can use AdSense, but not everybody made a dollar from it. As same as with LinkShrink or any other monetizing way.

Before starting and revealing how I’ve made 500$+ EXTRA income, you need to sign up for opening the first gate of earning.

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Update – Offer Ended! [/su_box]

You must be thinking that what you will share with the person which I’m not gonna share here? Right? The thing is, it’s something which I’m personally using, and that’s making me quite a decent amount without pushing myself.

The work is nothing, but it can make you 10$+ daily as an extra income. Maybe 10$+ is not a big thing, but it’s an extra income, and I don’t mind to get it if it’s coming into my pocket without giving regular efforts.

I don’t do anything without proves, and down below I’ve shared a snapshot of my account.

LinkShrink Reviews - Income Proves

Ideal Niches for LinkShrink

Top 5 Ideal Niches for LinkShrink

  1. Of course, Download Niche and I don’t have to explain to you how you can earn from it.
  2. Massive Traffic Niches – Should I have to explain?
  3. Low-Bouncing Rate Niches.
  4. Having a blog/website with High Pageviews.

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Wrap Up

I love linkshrink they are best when it comes to making money through link shortener service. We have made 500$+ Income as an extra income, we just have put Short Link shortener by LinkShrink, simple as that.

If you like this LinkShrink Reviews please share it with your social media friends and comment down below if you have suggestions, questions and just wanted to say ‘hello’ 🙂