How To Index backlinks Faster

Stuck? Backlinks Are Not Indexed Yet? Here Are Some Tricks…!

Indexing a backlink is one of a headache. Creating backlinks seem easy to me but indexing them are really hard.

I’ve started finding the best solution for it, so I’ve found some quite awesome ways to index backlinks.

I’ve created around 6K+ Backlinks within 2 weeks, as I’m doing Event Blogging. Yah, you can say that I’ve done hell amount of spamming. Besides I have created some quality backlinks but you know what, Indexing quality backlinks are really damn hard instead of low-quality backlinks.

That’s what I’ve learned in these 2 weeks. But still, there are some ways that can index your backlinks within 24 hours or 48 hours.

What are those ways? Let Me Tell You That!

Index Backlinks Faster – Use Social Media Power!

I love Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Without FB I can’t live now that’s how I feel. Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites around the globe.

After that twitter and nowaday Instagram too. Well, I don’t have to tell you all this, as you already know what FB, Twitter & Insta is all about.

Let’s get back to our main question, Indexing Backlinks faster Using Social Media Power.

As you already know about Twitter Trend & Facebook Trend (I have mentioned Insta because I like it there is no use of Insta for Indexing a backlink).

By just using Twitter & Facebook Trends You can index your backlinks faster.

As far as trend spread, your backlinks indexing timing will decrease too. Let me tell you how you can do this!

  • Find the trending topic on Twitter.

    Twitter Trend - Index Backlinks faster
    Twitter Trend – This is How It’s Look Like!
  • Use those HashTags in your next tweet, simple!

More Tips – Use Google Short URL for shrinking your URL, this can increase your CTR and can decrease your indexing timing.

As same as you can do with facebook and Reddit, Yah I know Reddit don’t have HashTags… Try to use Web 2.0 Post Instead!

Web 2.0 Can Index Backlinks More Faster

Web 2.0 are a very very useful thing if you know how to use them for your own benefits.

You can get backlinks from them, Index Backlinks faster, can use it for branding stuff and other things like gaining readers, short post, intro etc.

How to use web 2.0 them for indexing your backlinks?

  • Create a web 2.0 (WordPress, BlogSpot or Tumblr)
  • Fill it with 2 demo content and having about page.
  • create your 3rd post with having your backlinks link – Let me explain, You have a backlink on “A” and your site is “B”, Now you have created a web 2.0s “C”. Now include all the “A” URL on “C” and fetch it with webmaster or you can go little safer, Use Social Media Power instead 😉 (Trending HashTags)

Important – Don’t Just Don’t include your main site direct in web 2.0s it can drag your site to penalized zone. 

Not Finished, Yet! Soon I’ll Be Back!

Well, I’m working on Event Blogging for a while, So don’t have enough time to create new posts. But from now on, I’ll write the short post like this and try to come up with more quality content in a week.

There other ways to index backlinks but this is what I’ve used by myself.

If you have something more to share with us, let us know it the comment box.

15 thoughts on “Stuck? Backlinks Are Not Indexed Yet? Here Are Some Tricks…!”

  1. You said Well That Web 2.0 is very Very Useful But We have to go in too much secure level to do so.. Otherwise google will Penalized your site..

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  3. Jagdish thanks for sharing.

    However I have one question, won’t A get penalized as you said adding B will get penalized?

    1. No It won’t because we are using tier lining for indexing them. If you wanna go more safe create more tier links to index them and create more bigger network to index backlinks.


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