6 The Most Important Factors While Building Backlinks

8 The Most Important Factors While Building Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO, and we all need to build backlinks to boost our SERP ranking. There are lots of newbies who still don’t know “what is backlinks?” and “how to build backlinks?”

For all those newbies I’ll already have written an article about building quality backlinks, which you can read and get an idea of what quality backlinks are and how to build them.

In this article, I’m going to cover few most important topics which everyone asked once in a while. Without wasting your time lets dig in and find out what are those topics.


The Most Important Factors While Building Backlinks

6 The Most Important Factors While Building Backlinks
Most Important Factors While Building Backlinks

Lots of people things that domain authority and page authority is the only factor while taking backlinks. There are people who also think that Alexa ranking is the most important factor while building backlinks or taking backlinks from any website.

I would say “YES” Alexa is important or let me put this in this way: Alexa can be manipulated easily but it shows that the person is working on the website. This means in future the website has a great potential.

I’m not saying that only go with Alexa ranking, but Alexa can help you to understand that it’s dead blog or not.

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Relevancy – Niche

Relevancy is one of the most important things while building backlinks from any website or any webpage. We all should build relevant backlinks, else it can harm our website for the long term.

Updating Frequency

A dead blog is like drowning stone, never take backlinks from a dead blog until it has decent traffic, high domain authority and page authority.

Domain Authority (DA)

We all know this domain authority shows us that how powerful backlinks a site has and it also shows us the green signal to go to that website.

Page Authority (PA)

What does page authority mean? Page authority tells us that how much link juices we can transfer from that particular page.

When we build a link from any web page via doing commenting, forum links, profile links, article directories or any other method, that time we all should focus on how many OBL (Out Bound Links) that page is already transferred.

Let me give you an example here: If a webpage has a page authority of 10 (PA10) and the page is already giving 5-6 Do-follow links to other websites then there’s not much left because this page is already transferred it’s all the authority to those 5-6 websites.

When a website gives a Do-follow backlink to other websites it transfers link juices or you can say its authority to that particular page, and that’s how we increase authority via building high page authority backlinks and get some link juices to our site.

That what page authority (PA) means.

Referring Domains

Referring domains can help you to index faster than usual, make sure it has at least 10-15 Dofollow referring domains. It will make the web page more quality and helps you in indexing faster!

Anchors Texts

Anchors text help you in getting relevant backlinks, if the web page doesn’t have relevant anchors text then it can harm your site to take backlink from it. If all the anchors are looks spammy to you then ignore taking backlink from it .

Daily Organic Traffic

Organic traffic can help you to understand that the site is not dead and it has potential. Besides, it can also help your backlinks to get index faster than usual.

TF – Trust Flow

Lots of people don’t check the Trust flow of the website while taking backlinks. Well, its little advance or you can say more quality because building trust flow can take time and hell lots of efforts.

You don’t need to check TF until you’re finding really good websites to build links.

You know the most interesting thing about TF? – DA & PA can be manipulated with backlinks but TF (Trust Flow) can’t be manipulated and gained easily. It takes time and more than just quality backlinks.

Final Words

There are other things too to be considered but these 8 can tell you the scenario of any website and you can determine the quality of the website.

I have promised you to keep the article as short as possible and I’ve completed the promise, now be the nice guy and share this article with your friends.

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