Spamming & Event Blogging! Are They Made for Each Other?

Do you know how to Spam?

Well, Spamming is not good practice and you know it’s can harm your site.

How Spamming Actually works?

How I can Do Spamming?

blah blah blah…

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Today, we are going to talk about Spamming. Well My blog name 50 Shades Of Blogging so let me tell you again it’s Spamming not Sperming! Don’t get me wrong.

How to Spam the fuck up, Is it really works? and how It’s beneficial for Event Blogging?

All of your questions and doubts will cleared here by some of the Experienced and Expert Bloggers.

I’ve sended some basic questions to many bloggers but sadly I got only 3 replies! Anyway, It’s all about priorities. Down below we have 3 bloggers, whom reply to the questions.

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I’ve asked same 5 questions to every Expert & Experienced Blogger and the questions are:

RoundUp Questions

  • What is spamming?
  • How it’s help in event blogging?
  • How you do spamming?
  • The key point about spamming, that you think we must know before going to spam the fuck up?
  • How much spam links in a day is a good practice?

Apoorv Agrawal


Apoorv is one of my good friend on facebook, and damn has a very good writing skills.

You will get mesmerized after reading his words, which motivates and let you feel what he is thinking and going through.

As Apoorv is doing event blogging from quite a time, So I’ve invited him to answer some of my questions. Which will help newbies to understand the concept of Event Blogging and Spamming.

So here’s his replies, and I’m quite an amaze from the replies!

What is spamming?

Spamming is that fuck thing which irritates the other with who you are doing. Spamming is ruin the site and threatening the quality of site, just for the sake of backlinks.

How it’s help in event blogging?

Spamming help in event blogging as they help to get authority, help to rank their keywords and when proper utilized. Also Spamming may also cause manual penalty to you site if you try to trick google or be more greedy than going for the safe methods.

How you do spamming?

I’m frankly speaking, I’m a lazy blogger, I write slow and I spam slow, so the results are slow. but yeah I do it in regular interval for a week and than i stop. Important is how you can rank. I don’t understand why in blogger you have to work ass off while in wordpress blog i have ranked for quite keywords without any backlinks in my main blog also. You can’t predict the changes. You have to go with the flow.

The key point about spamming, that you think we must know before going to spam the fuck up?

Spam Regularly that is comment make backlinks regularly let them index manually until and unless you are running short of time.

How much spam links in a day is a good practice?

Pro says around 50 links that to varied in some do follows no follows comments blah blah, it works, but I’m getting bored with this. Thinking to quit.

Now you will come to know he is kinda lazy blogger, yes he is but still event blogging is kinda thing which makes you active because you didn’t get the time to relax until events get end!

It’s is not about ranking your event blog on the top 3 results, It is about managing your ranking till the event ends!
– Jagdish Kashyap

Let’s go the next blogger, A blogger who is inspiring bloggers from his blog InspireBuddy. Name Pranshu Kharkwal!

Pranshu Kharkwal


He is a Computer Geek and a passionate Blogger. He also like to write about basics of Computer Programming. Apart from that, he love creating content.

Well, that’s what I found on his blog. We haven’t interacted too much, but still the answers I’ve got is shows the way of his blogging.


What is spamming?

One can say that for event blogs , spamming is directly proportional to SERPS

The more backlinks(by spamming obviously) = Better SERPS

Ps : But this spamming thing only applies to event blog. Don’t apply it in your long term blogs as it will ruin your blog completely.

How it’s help in event blogging?

You need to make backlinks for your event blog and thats where spamming comes into play.
When you plan out the link buulding campaign for your event blog , you simply do not think about the quality of the links. The only think that matters is quantity. You prefer to make more and more links and to do that , start spamming.

You start posting several links in a same domain and even is the same comments.

How you do spamming?

I don’t have any specific rule to follow while making backlinks for event blogs. I see a auto approve comment site and I leave a link there , thats it.

Anyway , for your convenience , you can either stesl the links of your competitors (open link profiler ) or can follow any footprints ( dropmylink )

The key point about spamming, that you think we must know before going to spam the fuck up?

There are no limits in spamming . You can do it as much as you can but doing it smartly can save your efforts.

Here are some tips :-

  • So do not make many links from a single site. Number of referring domains matter , not the number of backlinks.
  • Do not look nofollow or do follow , just make the link.
  • Play smart with anchors. Do not make all links for just one anchor. Diversify your anchor text selection for a natural looking link profile.
  • Try making more and more links from entertainment niche for event blog. I don’t know why but it helps

How much spam links in a day is a good practice?

There is no limit the number of links. Make as many as you can but do not index them forcefully.

Make daily and be consistent.

Let all links index naturally and then , there will be no problems.

frankly, I don’t know much about Pranshu Kharkwal but still he answers the question which show the way of his blogging.

Blogging is all about knowledge you have not about copying/paste, and It’s grow when you choose to share instead hiding.
– Jagdish Kashyap

The next big guy is one of my friend from facebook and he is quite a great blogger and very helpful. Deepak Jha!

Deepak Jha


I love people who always ready to help other and don’t get hesitate to share their knowledge and Deepak is one of them!

He is one of the active member of HBB (facebook Group)!

Always ready to help and get in the conversation with his own opinion.

As I’ve already know if I send message to deepak, he’ll surely answer and as I thought he come up with some cool and variations of the same questions.

He is doing blogging from quite a long time now and have experience in Event Blogging too, which makes him a Pro-Blogger.

Maybe We become Pro when we choose to help!

What is spamming?

Do be very frank I don’t think spamming kind of things exist in this world, yes but irrelevant word is more suitable instead of spamming. But still here is my definition of spamming ”getting a backlink from a website which is completely irrelevant to your website is called spamming.”

How it’s help in event blogging?

Event blogging is a short term work and spamming is a shortcut of success: P

How you do spamming?

I do spamming through blog commenting, Directory submissions, Web 2.0 tired link buildings and social media groups posting.

The key point about spamming, that you think we must know before going to spam the fuck up?

When Google caught you have no other choice, so don’t do spams to your long term goal always use it for short term.

How much spam links in a day is a good practice?

Make as many links as you can, but also make sure that Google don’t crawl them in a day, otherwise it will be red alert for you.

[su_heading size=”28″]RoundUp Q/A Ends! [/su_heading]

Well, Well, Well! Maybe some of you get confuse from these spamming Q/A.

Let me tell you in short!

What is Spamming?

I personally think, Spamming is a thing that every blogger must learn, because it can help you many ways. Instead you can secure yourself from dragging your blog to get in the trap of Spamming.

Some of the Black Hat SEO bloggers, who don’t give damn about quality and providing knowledge which is the main concept of blogging.

They can fuck your blog from top to bottom with just shooting spam links to your niche sites or any long term niche.

So you must know how spamming works and how to spam, to scape from it!

How spamming help in event blogging?

Well, Spamming is a short time booster which can help your event blogs to get ranked but you can’t rank your blogs with just the spamming thing. You must have quality content and tons of quality backlinks.

How we actually do spamming?

That’s the main question now, well there are numbers of ways to do spamming. Let me list them down:

      • [sociallocker id=232]

        • Follow Competition and Dropping Your Link! (Copying your competition Links)
        • Dofollow Commenting
        • Getting sidewide links from DA 20+ domains
        • Gaining Anchor profile with Nude links and variations of keyword
        • PBN – Private Blog Network
        • Web 2.0s
        • Profile Links
        • Forum Links
        • RSS Feed Submission
        • Expire Domain Redirection


    These are the thing which can help you to do spamming and get some quality and spam links.

The key point about spamming, that you think we must know before going to spam the fuck up?

There is only one thing that you must know before you do spamming, and that is don’t just don’t ever index all the link at once, It can drag your event blog to panelized zone. BUT on more thing don’t wait for google to get the index naturally.

How much spam links in a day is a good practice?

That’s the tricky questions actually, It is not about how many links you create in a day, it is about indexing them. So go and create as much as you create but make sure to make a list of them and index them with these awesome fast indexing technique.

That’s all I have, and I would like to thank Apoorv, DeepakPranshu for their knowledge. 🙂

Bye! Bye! & Info for Regular Readers

I’m kinda busy from a while now, that’s the reason I’m not updating anything. As some of you know my Entertainment Bollywood Niche Bollywood Lover which have crossed 80K+ Daily traffic and it’s now ranking on 2k the most visited website in India according to Alexa Ranking of Bollywood Lover.

We (Me & My Team) now working on some other niche sites and that’s the reason I’m not updating here from a while.

But still, I’m trying my best!

As I love doing blogging conversation so let’s do it, Comment down your questions and doubts about How To Spam and What Is Spamming and any other related questions.

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