12 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks – Basic to Advance Guide!!

We are talking about Quality Backlinks, the backbone of SEO and any content.

Some many of us believe that backlinks are is about quantity, and some think it’s about quality let me tell you they both are right, I’ll prove you how! Keep Reading…

Hello, Today we are going to learn some interesting points about Backlinks, How it works, How we can get quality backlinks? and so many random and basic questions.

Are you from those who think that backlinks about quantity?

Okay, let me explain how you are right to those who think the opposite.

Sometimes, backlinks work in quantity SOMETIMES ONLY, but quality always a king!

When we do Spamming for Event Blogging, we go for quantity because that’s how we can outrank those high DA (Domain Authority) sites for short time period.

Quality always a king and it will remain a king for quite a long time from now.

So many newbies have so many random and basic questions about backlinks. I’ll try to answer some of them.

The most voted and desired question is How To Get Quality Backlink? not only newbies want an answer of this question even Pros are still finding some more ways to build backlinks.

Let’s list all the ways to get backlinks, quality, and quantity both!

List of Getting Quality Backlinks

      • Guest Post
      • Infographic
      • Submission Directories
      • RSS Directories
      • Dead Link Building
      • Spamming
      • Competition Analysis and Copying their Backlinks
      • Web 2.0 & Super Web 2.0
      • Expire Domain 301 Redirection
      • PBN – Private Blog Network
      • Internal Linking (I’ll tell you how you can use your own site to get higher ranking in search engine with just doing some internal linking.)
      • Dead Web 2.0 Comments

These are the ways to get quality backlinks and quantity backlinks. I’ll explain how all these techniques work in depth and detailed articles.

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5 thoughts on “12 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks – Basic to Advance Guide!!”

    1. Hey Shohag,
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Web 2.0s – Blog which have created for backlinks purpose and have low frequence.
      Super Web 2.0s – Blog which have high frequence and get regularly updated.

      Super web 2.0s are secure than only web 2.0s.

    1. Hello Hitendra!

      Expire Domain 301 Redirection – It’s one of the my fav. technique but it’s risky to, Get an expired domain with good metrics. What I mean by good metrics is, make sure that it’s doesn’t have spam backlink profile or google penalized etc.

      Redirect it to your money site.

      Keep visiting!
      Soon, I’ll share the proper way to do it and how to redirect it without getting penalized!

      Keep Blogging <3

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