So here’s I’m again, with some latest and awesome shit.

Maybe it sounds crazy or maybe you think I’ve partnership with Google or their algo but “Esa Kuch Bhi Ni Hai” there’s nothing like that!

It was just a random day for us and never thought we will work on ####### but yeah we did and have made little success.

Before I tell you How I’ve get organic traffic on just 24hr. old blog, you have to know about my daily routine. I know it’s not related but if you read it closer you found it related.

My Daily Routine – How I’ve Made an Instant Decision!

I don’t watch any news but yeah I did that time!

I’ve saw craziling going viral news when I’ve woke up and see all those news about 500 and 1000 rupee notes.

Then I login to my facebook account and saw the trend and yeah it was 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Modi Ji have made a very big decision. I support it by the way and besides it bring us an event too so I thoroughly support Modi Ji.

I saw someone posted a URL of and it has gone viral on HBB and even in PTI and they don’t know, they have intentionally or unintentionally passed some social signals on that site.

Damn, competition increased a bit already!

Domain Planning #NoPlansWork

In that night, we have decided to work on that event, and in no time we have bought a domain name (wait guys I’ll reveal it).

We thought so hard about the domain name and randomly one of my friend from facebook commented on a post related about that domain.

He converted our mind from shot event to long event, before that comment we were only focusing on 500-1000 rupees note banning but after that comment our mind is totally changed!

He commend that don’t focus on 500-1000 notes some new currency is on the way include 2000 rupee note!

The comment was related, not the same.

He totally changed our mind, before that we were only thinking about 500-1000 notes which limited our domain to 500 and 1000 rupee notes only. So we rethink about the domain and bought ##########!

and that’s how we started the work!

Now you know that the blog is about demonization, so let’s start how me and my team have worked on that domain in next 12 hours.

Next 12Hrs. – Hosting to WordPress with Basic Optimization!

I’m a fan of WordPress <3

We already had shared hosting space which we are not using that time. We bought the domain changed the DNS and installed the wordpress within 10 mints. Yes you heard me 10 mints!

The most interesting part is, usually DNS take time to get setup but that time it didn’t had take any time.

Hosting Connected, WordPress Installed! Now the basic plugins which I used on that blog!

  • Advance Ads – I love this plugin for ad placements. It makes our work little easier!
  • Contact form 7 – Must have plugin! No need to describe why I’ve installed this.
  • Yoast SEO – I use yoast instead All In One SEO, because I like Yoast! Simple!
  • Google XML Sitemaps – You must be thinking, Yoast Hai to Google XML Sitemaps kyu? (you have Yoast so why Google XML Sitemaps) Right?  I saw in practical that Yoast Sitemap which is inbuilt (Zabdasti Ka Sodha) sometimes doesn’t function correctly or give errors in webmaster tools. So I don’t use Yoast Sitemaps!
  • Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin – I like this plugin and it have lots of shortcodes. Which comes handy!

That’s it! I don’t use lots of plugin as I was already hosted that blog on shared hosting and I don’t want to slow down my blog. so bunch of plugins equals to less shits.

Hosting Done, WordPress Installed, Plugin Installed & Now Content!

Frankly speaking guys, I hate writing contents and I’m not a good content writer as you already know that after read above stuff. Sorry!

Now my team time! It was around 11PM or maybe 12:30AM O’Clock our 2 team mates are gone for sleep because of heavy work routine. Me and one of my team mate Vishal Mahour was connected that time and started content work.

I’ve done setting up the WordPress and now Vishal’s work (Content) he is kinda good in content tweeting so he wrote around 5-6 posts that time and it was around 2 O’clock and he said “DONE”

I was amazed, he had done the work very quickly and I was impressed too. That’s why I love my team mates! Brothers & Friends!

Anyway, (BhrtMilav to hota rhega) When Vishal was doing content work means On-Page, I was working on Backlinks Off-Page.

Real Shit Began Now! I Know You Were Waiting for This Part!

Backlinks, that’s how you rank quickly and this is how I ranked in less than one day.

Spamming Yes! well, you can’t expect quality links in 24hr. maybe you can bring but I didn’t go for the quality that time. I started spamming of course.

Read This – How to Spam

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how much links you made in a hour, Actually all that matter is how fast search engine crawl or index that backlink.

Down below I have listed 3 spamming sites which index any URL within 3-4 hrs. also you can read my article that how to index your backlinks faster.

Having 5 posts about 500 and 200 rupee notes baning, I’ve verified the webmaster tools submitted the sitemaps and closed that tab. back to backlinks!

Sidewide Backlinks, if you are an event blogger then you know that sidewide backlinks are good when it shooted on a right time but in this case event was already live so I’ve used little upgraded technique.

I’ve Bollywood Lover and 2-3 more sites which I’ve used for sidewides for this event. You can get the list down below!

I’ve created related content on the niches and fetched it by google webmaster tools. It helped me to index my 500 rupee event blog. HOW?

Posted sidewide links with anchor on Bollywood Lover >>> Created a related post & fetched it from webmaster >>> Google crawled the Bollywood Lover having my 500 rupee note site sidewide links!

So this is how I’ve index and got some sidewide backlinks from bunch of my blog buket.

But How I Get Organic Traffic? Those 200+ Organic Clicks!

Now the real case study started!

The thing is, I didn’t even ranked a single keyword, as you already know why! because of those authoritative news channel sites.

Yup! this is how life goes…! Sometimes you fail but don’t forget to learn.

Instead of getting demotivated I’ve started analysis my competitions and I’ve come to know that they are also not even ranking of a single keyword but they have sometimes more than me!

They have some easily targeted and low competitive keywords.

Which is jokes and memes and other social media viral shits. As you already know when all of these 500 rupee notes shit started, people gone crazy on social media and started making jokes.

People are sharing jokes of 500 rupee notes on social media and on whatsapp.

So this is how we have started.

It was already 3:30 O’clock, me and Vishal was still working on spamming and googling that how and why we are not ranking besides we are analyzing our competition too.

I told vishal about jokes and memes so he started working on content again, in just 10 mins again he said done. I’ve analyse that content, done some keywords placements and published that post in an instant.

That time we can’t even make ourself to work for next 2 more minutes  I said vishal go and sleep I’ll handle now! So he said Okay! bye!

So Now only me and my laptop, and that blog having 10 posts including that jokes and memes posts too.

Now I have to rank those jokes and memes post so, I’ve again started spamming and shooted some sidewide from my whatsapp niche for relevancy and that helped me to rank whatsapp related keywords. RELEVANCY MATTERS ALOT!

I was damn tired! laptop shutdown!

Wait, What Happen Next?

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