How I've Recovered a Penalized Site from 100 to 800 Organic Clicks

How I’ve Recovered a Penalized Site from 100 to 800 Organic Clicks

So the thing is, I don’t know how to write case studies! and I’m totally a new guy with awesome GA and other SEO metrics.

Case studies are totally new to me, but today I’ll take that risk and try to write the detailed article about “How I’ve Recovered a Penalized Site”. I’ll try to put proper screenshots and practical examples.

Sad Note – Due to some reasons I can’t reveal the site URL and Niche. “Bohot mushkilo se milte h low competitive niches” Hope you understand!

So let’s start now!

In this case study you will learn How to Escape from Penalizing a new site or old site, How to recognize that site is penalized by Google, How to Recover a Penalized site. and other some “How-To’s” questions.

How I Got Panelized!

Hmm, the main question is how I got panelized?

The thing is I’m kinda guy who gets too much excited when it’s come to build backlinks specially for new sites. I go too hard in the starting, I mean I use to do this kind of mistakes.

Backlinks are sensitive matters!

While ago I got a messages regarding building backlinks. One of my friend asked me that “will it safe to create backlinks from very first day of new blog?” What I’ve replied? See the Screenshot!

Facebook Message from a Friend

I’ve just advising him that what I personally do.

BUT! I don’t know what happen to me that day!

I’ve Done Some Spamming! Shit!

I know that doing spamming on a baby blog will drag it down to the panelized zone but I don’t know what happened to me that day.

Maybe Linkin Park’s music makes me go wild that day. Yes, I was listening music when I was doing all of these.

Anyway, whatever it is. Eventually I’ve made my blog panelized and that is how it all started!

How I’ve Determined That Blog Is F#ckedUp by Google – They Are Heartless!

It is easy to determined that your blog is f#ckedup! You know how? Just go to your Google Analytics and see organic traffic report.

You will start loosing traffic from Google, if it’s f#ckedup!

Also you can use this tool for checking the penalty. by the way that tool is a waste of time or maybe I’m wrong, I dono, but I’ve checked too many EMDs and they all are penalized even some of them don’t have any whois history. Maybe EMDs are dead now, or something else. We’ll discuss about that later.

There is some more way to get to know if your site is penalized!

See your index pages, see if they get noindex automatically or see some keywords which were ranking before and now they all are disappear. If your answer is YES, then sorry to say your site is f#ckedup!

Google Webmaster Tools – So many of us use GWT only for submitting the sitemap and for fetching the URLs. Dude, webmasters tool are very useful. So, How you can use it for determining that site is penalized?

  1. Open your Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Click Search Traffic
  3. Click Search Analytics
Google Search Analytics
Google Search Analytics


See above screenshot, it will be look like this. See those Green, Blue, Orange and Red Lines. They are laydown like they are on their father’s bed! Shit!

See down below!

Comparison between Penalized & Recovery


Closer Look to Data

Dates Clicks Impressions CTR Position
11/27/2016 157 4034 3.89% 9.5
11/28/2016 170 3345 5.08% 9.9
11/29/2016 161 3206 5.02% 9.9
11/30/2016 139 3271 4.25% 9.9
12/1/2016 129 3333 3.87% 9.7
12/2/2016 812 5551 14.63% 8.1
12/3/2016 795 6173 12.88% 8.4

See those BOLD characters that the time period of getting Recovery and see the other from 11/27/2016 to 12/1/2016 that is the the time period of penalizing.

Have you notice the total change between Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position?

Yes this is how I’ve recovered a penalized site.

I know that getting penalized is very irritating and demotivating. Well, same thing happened to me. But instead loosing the focus or self confidence I’ve started looking for the solution.

and Finally I come to know about Disavow Tool! 

Source: Google IMG

[sociallocker id=300]

Let’s Use Google Webmaster for The Real Now – Disavow Tool

I’ve started googling and I’ve read lots of articles and watch too many youtube videos and didn’t found anything. Really, it was de-motivating for me because I’ve planned too many things or this niche.

But eventually I’ve come to know about Google Webmaster Disavow Tools.

This is a very sensitive tool which can help and also destroy your blog. before doing anything watch this video…

[su_youtube url=””]
Source: Webmaster Tools

So what is Disavow Tool?

I know none of you going to watch the video! You are missing too much BTW!

According to Support.Google

If you’ve done as much work as you can to remove spammy or low-quality links from the web, and are unable to make further progress on getting the links taken down, you can disavow the remaining links. In other words, you can ask Google not to take certain links into account when assessing your site.

Basically This tool is about telling Google that not consider xyz backlink when his determine your ranking. Got It?

Yes, this is a life safer tool. I know after watching the video you must be thinking that “Hell, yeah Let’s do this!” Well, that great that now you are motivated again!

Okay, let me tell you some practical facts and how you can actually use this tool. Of course I’ve use this tool to recover my penalized site which was almost f#ckedup by google.

Anyway, My site is up now. and I’m going to tell you how you can use this tool to recovered a penalized site.

and Again we are going to use Google Webmaster Tool, yeah basically this is a post about Google Webmaster tools.

First we need list of those backlinks which causing us and dragging us to panelized zone! Let me tell you how you can do it without having ahrefs or any other expensive site explorer tool.

  1. Open your Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Click on Search Traffic
  3. Click “Links to Your Site”
  4. Click on the “MORE” button under “Who links the most”

links to your site 2

Domains Links Linked pages
# 1,329 2 160 10 62 11 15 5 2 1

Look closer there is a domain “” and I’ve used it to build backlink which cost me damn alot (Penalized Site).

See the spam score of this domain Click Here or see Screenshot!



Spam Score is 2/17 and I’ve build 62 backlinks from that domain, man Linkin Park really drives me crazy. I’ve also checked which have the same spam score. Click Here for checking the spam score or see the ScreenShot.



Now the main and exciting part, getting your site back to the top.

I’ve put these too site links in the .TXT file which is recommended file type by Disavow Tool. If you want to remove all the backlinks from that domain which I want to, so use this format make sure you put one link per link. See this for more details.

# ask for link removal but got no response

# i removed the links as much as possible

I want to remove all the backlinks from these 2 domain, if you want to remove a specific backlink use this format.

# removed most links, but missed these

after creating the TXT file inculding all your links which you don’t want google to consider, Upload it to Disavow Tool.





After Submitting the links at Disavow tool it shows me that results will be shown on 3 December 2016. Well, I’ve stated see the result from  2 December 2016. 



See the above result or see the down below table.

Dates Clicks Impressions CTR Position
11/27/2016 157 4034 3.89% 9.5
11/28/2016 170 3345 5.08% 9.9
11/29/2016 161 3206 5.02% 9.9
11/30/2016 139 3271 4.25% 9.9
12/1/2016 129 3333 3.87% 9.7
12/2/2016 812 5551 14.63% 8.1
12/3/2016 795 6173 12.88% 8.4

This is not all I’ve see traffic growth from December 2 2016 in Google Analytics.



So This is How I Recovered a Penalized Site! Mission Accomplished!

Well, I’ve seen too many bloggers saying that it’s a penalized site we can’t do anything but from now see from the different perspective.

This is how I see the things if they get f#ckedup instead getting demotivated I go with my curiosity of learning. I love learning new things that’s why I choose to blog!

Tip – Use VPN To Escape

There are so many VPN in the market but when it comes to browsing without any footprint and log files go with NordVPN. They have a feature of keeping no logs of your online activity.

Check this –

Also, try to work in private browsers or use Firefox or any other browser.

Final Words & Love Letter for Readers

Thank you chitos, (tigers) for keep supporting me and inspiring me from your messages. Just received this beautiful message which made my day.



I respect their privacy and personality, that’s the reason I won’t reveal their profile and name. <3 But really thank you guys for your support!

So, put your questions & doubts, reaction and spam links. BTW I won’t approve LOL!

Tata, Bye-Bye See you soon in the comment box!

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    Yes, you are really awesome. I am following you.

  2. Bro .
    I actually found a clean EMD for a Event purpose , I actually checked the spam score and back links for that domain . But when I purchased that domain I came to know that it is penalized . what to do ?
    How to recover that penalized domain ?
    Is their any way ?

    1. Hi Siddu,

      Well, there are 50-50 chances that you can recover or not. But at least give it a try.

      Try to collect the backlinks of that domain and use disavow tool.

      But still 50 -50 chances!
      All the best

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