Proven Method to Get Social Signals on Your Specific Page or Post

What I come to know and you have to accept this truth that Social Signals are one of the ranking factors, this is what we learned and see in nowadays.

Today, I’m going to tell you that How to Gain Social Signals on a Specific page or post. It will help you to rank your content in search engines.

In these long years bloggers come to know many ranking factors and how to manipulate search engines and make a place for their blog or keywords. Social signals are one of them!

Some Facts about Social Signals

What are these facts? What the hell I’ve learned that you already don’t know about Social Signals?

Well, it’s nothing but some basics about external High Authoritative signals.

Do you know search engines like ‘Google’ love external signals before ranking your site on top of the page? They need some big site’s reference for ranking your site.

Do you know how I see all these backlinks? See these…

How To Rank Newborn Blog in Google?

See? Do you like it? Share it on your blog by just pasting this HTML code!

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<p>Source :<a href="">50 Shades of Blogging</a> | Copyrights : <a href="" target="_blank">Jagdish Kashyap</a> | Content Source : <a href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Social Signals</a></p>

How to Gain Social Signals on a Specific page or Post

As I’ve already told you that social signal is one of the ranking factors to rank your site/blog.

Now, I’m going to tell you that how you can get social signals on a specific page. Let’s make a list of some easiest way to gain social signals.

List of Gaining Social Signals

  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Some Blogger Secret
  • Tricks

Okay, so there are 3 top ways to gain external signals on your site.

The most common one is Social Sharing Buttons.

Yes, it’s the easiest one too… All you have to do is just allow your visitors to share your content on their social media space. If you are using WordPress than its super easy, just install a social sharing button.

Next one is kinda secret that usually getting more viral nowadays.

What’s that secret?

[sociallocker id=195]

By using Social Locker Plugin you can bring social signals on a specific page or post, as you just shared this post to know what is secret that bloggers use.

So you are smart enough to what I mean.


Now you also know that secret so, lets go for some tricks.

Well, I’m sure you have seen some fake accounts sharing un-relevant content to their wall or sharing content to groups even it’s relevant or not.

They are those people who are using accounts for gaining social signals. Well, I’ve used this by myself and I’ve come to know that girls’ fake accounts get more response than boys.

So, try this one. Create a fake female account.

Listen to me carefully, I will never motivate anyone for using someone’s pictures for own sake. You can use famous people images instead!

After that join the groups and share your links. Simple as it sounds.

So this is all I have today, This is how you can Gain & Get Social Signals on a Specific Page or Post.

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