How To Get Dofollow Backlink from DMCA DA-83 & PA-86

by Jagdish Kashyap | Last Updated: March 15, 2017

It’s one of the easiest ways to get high authority backlink without pushing yourself too hard, and yes it’s Dofollow Backlink. Besides, they provide backlink on which post you want It’s in your control.

DMCA Backlink provides one of the high authority backlinks, besides they don’t even charge for it. DMCA’s domain authority is 83 and Page authority is 86. This authority can help you to gain some authority as it provides DOfollow backlinks that mean those backlinks pass some link juice which helps you to gain authority.


This is Moz’s stats for DMCA!

It’s damn high, and good for SEO for your blog besides you don’t have to push or pay anything to get this DMCA Backlink.

Proves Of DMCA Dofollow Backlink

Down below I’ve opened the backlink profile of and you can check it by yourself too.

You will see the Dofollow backlink from DMCA. The question is how to get that DMCA Dofollow Backlinks?

DMCA BacklinkSee Large Image

How to Get DMCA Dofollow Backlink

Now the real shit begins. Maybe you knew how to get that backlink but still, some don’t have an idea that how damn easy it is. Don’t worry I’ll tell you the set by set.

Follow these steps.

and you’re done!

Yes, it’s that simple! You got the mail from DMCA on the mail ID which you have registered with, they have sent you the login details password and your user name.

After putting that badge code on your site/blog make sure you click on it just to make sure it works properly.

How to Verify Your New Post and Get DMCA Backlink on That Post?

This is one is the real question actually. Maybe you think you get the DMCA backlink just after pasting that badge code on your site. well, you’re right but you need to wait for that.

If you want to make the thing work little quicker so you need to verify your URLs manually or you can say you need to verify your content just to make sure it’s get protected from DMCA.

DMCA shows your URL and post on their protection page with the hyperlink (Dofollow Link) which give you the DMCA Backlinks. How you can get that? How you can verify manually?

Follow these steps

DMCA Protected PagesSee Large Image

You have 2 benefits from that DMCA Badge

  1. Dofollow Backlink from DMCA authority of 83 and PA 86
  2. Your content gets protected and DMCA will take down 2 free content protection.

There are some more benefits like fast indexing but you need to have Pro Badge for it. Other than pro badge it has other benefits like no one will copy your content, if someone copy you can claim on them.

By the way, you can get 10$/month and get DMCA DIY (DO It Yourself) Account, you can send claim from your DMCA dashboard which is fully professional. Highly recommended for Companies!

Wrap Up – Soon I’ll Be Back With More Tips

There are so many event bloggers whom are working on upcoming events, and as the time is less to get quality backlinks for event blogs this trick will help you to get some quality and high authority backlinks.

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