Expire Web 2.0s - Introduction and Scraping via Ahrefs

Expire Web 2.0s – Introduction & Scraping via Ahrefs [Part-1]

It’s 7 O’clock in the morning and I’m very excited about this expire web 2.0s series, I’m going to tell you the most interesting and easiest way to find expire web 2.0s.

Lots of people asked me the same questions almost every day that “How do you find expire web 2.0s?” or “How to build expire Web 2.0s?” So just yesterday I’ve made my mind to write a full detailed series about scraping expire web 2.0 with Ahrefs.

Maybe lots of people already know this method to find expire web 2.0s and in the same way, you can also find expire domain having quality backlinks.

In this article, I’m going to tell you the whole process with images (if needed) and details so you won’t ask the same question again.

Maybe you’re thinking that why I’m writing the series? Why not one detailed article?

Well, there is a reason behind this first of all readers like short & detailed articles and expire web 2.0 topic isn’t a small topic. If I write just one detailed article it will become a book which can turn into a boring story as I’m not a good storyteller.

The second reason behind this I’ve lots of projects and workload I barely get time to write on my blog and share my knowledge but I try my best.

So please show some little appreciation and share this article on your social media with your friends. It will boost up my confidence and push me to write next part ASAP.

It looks like I’m already losing the track. Let get back to the track and start out topic: Expire Web 2.0s.


Expire Web 2.0s - Introduction and Scraping via Ahrefs
Expire Web 2.0s – Introduction and Scraping via Ahrefs

What Does “Expire Web 2.0s” Mean?

Recently there is so much buzz about “expire web 2.0s” and there are people who still don’t know about this wonderful link building strategy. Maybe there is no proper guide or article to teach them!

Let me put everything in an easy language so newbies can understand what “expire webs 2.0” mean?

What is Web 2.0? – Web 2.0s is web properties from authoritative websites. These are the sub-domain of authority websites; there are lots of web 2.0s platforms where you can create a web 2.0.

What is Expire Web 2.0s? – Now you understand what does web 2.0 mean, now let me tell you that what does expire web 2.0s mean. These are the same web properties but as everything has its own expiration date as same as with web 2.0s, If people are not using it or dropped their web property so It got expire and available for registration.

We call this “Expire web 2.0s” Now let me clear you something about expire web 2.0s. You must be thinking then when we can create new web 2.0s then why we find expired web 2.0s?

Have you read my previous article where I’ve told you that: A backlink work when the webpage (from where we got a link) has its own authority which also known as Page Authority (PA).

You can read the article today: Build Backlinks for Your Website Free & Manually

The whole expire web 2.0 is all about pre-loaded authority. We find high page authority expire web 2.0s to get backlinks from it. That’s it!

Some Interesting Facts about Web 2.0s

If you know all these facts then please don’t get bored you can skip to the scraping part and start learning that, till then let me tell newbies about these interesting facts about web 2.0s.

  • Do you know the whole web 2.0s strategy is also known as “Parasite SEO”?
  • Do you know you can create as much as web 2.0s you want in a single account?
  • The most interesting thing is, even when you found expired web 2.0s it may not available for registration. Well, that’s an only headache in the whole process of finding expire web 2.0s.
  • Web 2.0s platforms reserve some domain and you can’t register them again.
  • I personally experienced that in 1000 expire web 2.0s you will only get 10-20 max available for registration.

Maybe you know these facts but anyway let’s move forward and start the scraping part.

How to Find the Web 2.0s?

find web 2.0s
Find Web 2.0s via Ahrefs

Without wasting time let me start finding web 2.0s. There are few methods to hunt expire web 2.0s but in this article, I’m going to share with you the easiest way or you can say the low-cost method to find web 2.0s.

Everyone can afford Ahrefs just because of group buy services. You can get yourself an Ahrefs Account from FlikOver.com and start finding expired web 2.0 properties or expired domains for PBN.

In next articles, I will also share with you how you can filter only expire web 2.0s properties from the list of web 2.0s which we going to scrap via ahrefs.

Finding Web 2.0s with Ahrefs

With this method, you can find niche relevant web 2.0s, high-quality web 2.0s, dofollow backlinks from authority site web 2.0s and expired domains.

Either you can sell them or you can build them for your own use that’s up to you.

This is the very first step, and there come 3 more steps after this step which I will tell you in next part of this expired web 2.0s series.

All you need is an Ahrefs account: Get yourself an Ahrefs account from FlikOver.com or any other group buy service (Please comment down from where you’re buying Ahrefs)

There are lots of people who don’t know the full features of Ahrefs; this tool has a feature of showing outgoing backlinks. The feature name is “Linked Domains” which is the main part of this scraping expired web 2.0s.

We need big sites having lots of out-going domains or you can say a website which is providing lots of OBL (Out Bound Links) from their own domain.

We’re going to download those OBL and filter them.

Step By Step Process of Hunting Expire Web 2.0s

Follow these steps and get lists of the entire web 2.0s having backlinks from a particular site.

You can also use niche relevant sites; just make a list all the big sites in your niche and check if they’re giving backlinks to any web 2.0s property.

In the next step, we’ll sort out only expire web 2.0 properties and going with the only quality once.

  • Open Ahrefs and put a domain name, I personally use link shortener service websites & social media sites to get the list as these all sites have lots of OBL.
  • Now on the left-hand side, you can see lots of analyzing options. Look for the “Outgoing Links” and click on the “Linked Domains”.

ahrefs linked domains

  • Now you have the all the domain which are getting links from that domain. (I’m using Goo.gl for an example as it has lots of outbound links. Don’t use this domain I’ve already scraped all the domains from this domain 😛 )

ahrefs linked domains overview

Now you can see got 2 types of filter and one search bar.

Link Type: It’s a filter to get all the link types like Dofollow, Nofollow, Redirect, Governmental, Educational and all. If you want a domain or web 2.0s having Dofollow backlinks from a particular domain then you can use this filter.

Opportunities are endless: You can use this filter for many things, like if you want a domain having backlinks from bing, Reddit, twitter, or any other just apply this filter. Yes, that’s how people find expired domains and sell them for $$ and few domains also sell in $$$ if it has real quality links.

TLDs: You can also filter domain with their TLDs extension, like if you only want .com, .in or .org domains you can use this filter to get only specific results.

Search Bar:  This is the thing which we gonna use for finding web 2.0s. Follow the next step!

  • Now you need to type “.blogspot.com” in the search bar and hit the enter button. It will show you all the blogspot blogs which are getting links from goo.gl. In the same way, you can find other web 2.0s too. For Tumblrs type “.tumblr.com” and for Weebly type “.weebly.com

Now just use the Export button on above right and Export Full list in “.CSV” file.

Well, let’s wrap up for now!

Coming Up Next

In the upcoming articles, I’ll cover the how to find expire web 2.0s from this list and how to get high-quality web 2.0s only. You need to wait for next article!

Please share this article if you found this helpful and you want the next part of this article.

Coming Up Next

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