Expire Web 2.0s - Filter Expire Web 2.0s in Bulk

Expire Web 2.0s – Filter Expire Web 2.0s Only in Bulk [Part -2]

Without wasting time let’s be on point, in Part 1 of Expire Web 2.0 Series we have extracted Web 2.0s list via using Ahrefs and in this article we’re going to filter only expire web 2.0s via using some tools.

I’ll make sure that you get everything clear and keep this article as much detailed as possible.

I’m not going to share “what is web 2.0?” or “what are the benefits of web 2.0s?” because I already have shared that in the previous part. If you haven’t read that “Part 1” you can read now: Expire Web 2.0s: Introduction & Scraping via Ahrefs [Part -1]

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I’m personally using this method to extract Expire Web 2.0s and in the same way, you can hunt expired domains for PBN or for selling.

So let’s dig in and learn the art of extracting expire web 2.0s from the list of web 2.0s in bulk.


Expire Web 2.0s - Filter Expire Web 2.0s in Bulk
Filter Expire Web 2.0s in Bulk

Things You Should Know About Expire Web 2.0s

Before I start this guide let me tell you some important or you can say some basics of Expire Web 2.0s just to clear your mind.

Web 2.0s are not like normal domain name these are sub-domains of authority sites. They don’t look like expire domains when they get expire; instead, they have a custom landing page which is created by authority sites.

For detected that web 2.0 is expired we need tools to check their HTTP-status because every web portal has an HTTP status code either it’s a domain, sub-domain, web 2.0s or anything else. If it’s online it will surely have HTTP status code and we need that code to check expiration.

When a web property gets expire it shows you the 404 error code and we need HTTP Status Checker tools to check expire web 2.0s in bulk, we can’t visit thousands of web 2.0s to check their expiration. It will take hell lots of time!

For checking their HTTP status we will use a tool and there are plenty of tools to check that. I’m going to list out some of the best tools which I’m personally using as well.

HTTP Status Checking Tools

I’m Personally Using these tool

http status code checker tools
HTTP Status Code Checkers

As I said there are plenty of tools, but I’m listing some of the best HTTP Status checking tools and I’m personally using these tools. I’ll also mention their plus point so you can understand which tool to use!

  • httpstatus.io – I personally don’t use this tool until I got some more options because this tool hangs sometimes. Also, you can check only 100 URL at once which is okay but there are other tools having greater limits.
  • tomanthony.co.uk/tools/bulk-http-header-compare/ – It’s a good tool but it also has 100 URL checking limit.
  • Urlitor.com – This tool has 150 URL checking limit at once.
  • robhammond.co/tools/http-status – I personally use this tool and recommend you to use this tool because this is the only tool I’ve found which has the limit of 1000 URL at once. This will save your time and efforts.

Now I’m going to tell you the step by step guide to finding expire web 2.0s in bulk.

Step by Step Guide to Filter Expire Web 2.0s in Bulk

Let’s start the real game now.

  • Open the site Robhammond.co/tools/http-status and put 1000 URL in the box and click on “Run Report” button. Don’t change any settings use the default!
rob hammond http status checker
Put Web 2.0s Here

NOTE: Don’t scroll down or do anything, it can slow down the process have patience and wait until it’s done.

  • If its get stuck on 999 or any near number to your finishing number then just use the “Stop Report” button and download the CSV file.
rob hammond http status checker dl csv
Download CSV File
  • Now open that CSV file and apply the filter to get only 404 error code Web 2.0s.
keep only 404
Apply Filter
keep only 404 expire web 2.0
Kepp 404 Only
  • Keep those expire web 2.0s in separate excel sheet because we need that in the next part of this expire web 2.0s series.

It’s done, now you have expired web 2.0s in the next part (Part -3) I will tell you how to extract only quality expire web 2.0s. We’re going to use Bulk DA PA Checkers, and ahrefs to separate only quality web 2.0s and then in part 3 we’ll build them and I’ll also tell you the precautions that you need to use.

If you have any question regarding web 2.0s please leave a comment down below and don’t forget to share this article it will push me to write the next part ASAP!

See ya!

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