Selecting an Event for Event Blogging & Let’s Do Some Purchasing

by Jagdish Kashyap | Last Updated: August 9, 2016

Selecting an Event for Event Blogging is the basic setup before starting an event blog, in my previous article I’ve told you what is event blogging and what I’ve learned about it?

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Today’s article is about Selecting an Event for Event Blog and I’m going to tell you the best and the cheapest hosting for event blogs. Why cheapest? There is a reason for it. Continue Reading…

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I’m kinda fan of Event Blogging because it simply the way to earn a decent amount and If you hit it right, it can make you an overnight event blogger, who is making far better than any job can provide. (No Offense for Jobs)

As I’ve already told you what is event blogging? And today we’re going to explore some best way to start an even blog.

Selecting an Event for Event Blogging & Domain Solutions

Select an Event for Event Blogging

As selecting a relevant and best keyword for your content is the most important thing, as same as with event blogging.

You must have to select the best and do you know it’s not that difficult at all.

All you have to do is just select an event that is going to live in next 3-4 months or you can play little smarter, Select an event that is going to live in next 6-7 months. Wanna know why?

By selecting an event that is going to live in next 6-7 months will come up with more opportunities in domain selecting and in ranking because usually blogger don’t thing for long terms.

You can get the desirable domain by selecting these kinds of events and you can easily get an EMD, and use it for ranking your event blog.

With having EMD you can easily rank an event blog. All you have to do is just On-Page SEO & little bit quality backlinks.

What? Don’t tell me you don’t know about EMD?

EMD – Exact Match Domain

Exact Match Domain - Event Blogging

EMDs are the main factor when it comes to ranking an event niche until Google not throwing them out from the game.

EMD means Exact Match Domains are the best way to start an event blog because you don’t have to work too hard for ranking it.

Sometimes, bloggers face too many problems to purchasing an EMD (Domain for event blog) because almost all domains already booked by those domain hunters.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that!

Hosting and Domain

Buying a domain name is the toughest work before going for a backlink after create a blog 😛

And the result, bloggers have to purchase those hyphens domains and other poor looking domains. You don’t have to do the same mistake because I’ve already done that.

Domain Selection

You can use some phrase like a specific year or any other catchy word in your domain. Some examples are:

These are just some examples; you don’t have to go with those hyphen domains because they look cheap and don’t provide any SEO weight.

[sociallocker id=”123″] Here is the list of some cool Catchy Domain Ideas

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Did you know?

Without having hosting, you can’t run a domain. Thank me in the comment box!

There is 50-50 chance of earning through event blogging. When you hit it right you can make enough money or when you hit by Google you get nothing but lose.

Before investing too much in it, think twice! Or you can play little smarter.

I love NameCheap when it comes to cheapest hosting with quality. NameCheap Shard Hosting Plan is the plan for event blogs. Around 600 to 700 for one year with Unlimited Bandwidth, Love <3

I’ve been using NameCheap from last 2 years and its working absolute for me. I thoroughly Recommend!

Let’s Make a Quick Shot

I’ve told you about Event Blogging in my previous article and in this article I’ve told you about Event Selecting, Domains, and Hosting.

In My Next article, I will tell you the best use of WordPress basic setting with Yoast SEO full optimization and some basic plugins for rocketing your website from the first week.

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