How to Get a Dofollow Backlinnk from MyThemeShop?

by Jagdish Kashyap | Last Updated: July 30, 2017

Want a Dofollow backlink from MyThemeShop (MTS)?

You know how to get it? No? Don’t worry I’m here for it!

I’m a big fan of MyThemeShop they are awesome and have lots of useful themes.

Their themes are blazing fast, clean codes, responsive and SEO friendly.

Recently they have released their new theme BloggingBox and believe me it’s awesome, you can check BloggingBox features and why you should buy it.

I’m not going to take your too much time, let’s get on to the point.

How We Can Get A Dofollow Backlinks from MyThemeShop?

MTS Dofollow Backlink

I’m making this very fast and step by step.

Just follow the steps to get a do-follow backlink from MyThemeShop.

Now listen one and very important thing, you can’t submit the link for the website if you’re not using the purchased product.

If you’re using a MyThemeShop product which you got from anyone or any group, you can’t submit that site link for the showcase.

After submitting your submission you will get an email from them, maybe it will take time but you’ll get the email if your site looks attractive and fully using MTS product.

If you’re not fully using MTS Product and have just activated the theme and applied for the showcase, let me tell you, you won’t get the approval or any mail from them.

They don’t showcase the site which doesn’t look attractive and fully using mythemeshop product, you need to make your site attractive and fully using the theme features so they can showcase your site on their portfolio.

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