DesignEvo Review - Free Online Logo Maker Website

DesignEvo Review – Free Online Logo Maker Website (Don’t Pay for Logo Making Any more)

You must be looking for Free Online Logo Maker Website? If I’m right then you’re at the right place.

In this article, I’m sharing with the smoothest & awesome free online logo maker website. A website where you can create logo free online, you don’t have to invest in making logos anymore, use DesignEvo today and create free logo online.

Recently I’ve landed on this amazing website,! It’s an amazing website having hundreds of icons, fonts, shapes, designs and a lot more.

The most interesting and best thing about this website is, you can create your free logo online without paying or filling credit details.

So here i’m sharing with you my Review about, One of the best Free onlin logo maker website I’ve ever seen.


DesignEvo Review - Free Online Logo Maker Website
DesignEvo Review – Free Online Logo Maker Website

DesignEvo – Free Online Logo Maker

It’s one of the best and awesomef free logo making websites having lots of amazing features. The most interesting thing about this DesignEvo is you can create your logo free of cost, without paying anything or filling any credit details.

There are tons of Free Logo Maker Online Websites but DesignEvo has more features than their competitors. Let’s list out all the features and I’ll tell you the plus point about DesignEvo!

[su_heading size=”28″]DesignEvo Features[/su_heading]

Down below I’m sharing with you the feature list of DesignEvo, I’ll also sort out the best thing about DesignEvo which you won’t see on any other Free Online Logo Maker Website.


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Logo Templates

DeignEvo has all the pre-loaded categories templates. If you want to create your own design you can choose any logo template or start from the scratch.


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Logo Icons

There are hundreds of Logo Icons which you can use for making unlimited logo designs. There is almost everything that you need to make an amazing and eye-catchy logo.




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Text Editor

As same as other free logo makers online designevo also have text editor but it has more font options, more flexibility in editing your text. From font size to font opacity, you can edit your text and this feature has no replacement.


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Pre-Loaded Shapes

There are hundreds of shapes which you can use for making your logo stand out from the crowd. You can give a meaning to your logo with adding shapes.



[su_heading size=”28″]DesignEvo Extra Features[/su_heading]

As I said above I’m going to list out some plus points about Designevo and why it’s stand out from the crowds. Why you need to choose DesignEvo when it comes to making a free logo design online.


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Designevo has features to undo your steps or redo them. It the same feature like a computer “Ctrl+Z” and “Ctrl+Y”, If you have done any mistake and you want to go back you can undo it and start again.


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Logo Layout

This is one my favorite features in Designevo, in other free online logo makers there is no layout option and you need to sacrifice with the predefined layout of the logo but in DesignEvo you can select the layout.




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Logo Preview

In the other free online logo maker websites have preview features but in designevo, you can see a live preview of a website template. You can see how it will look on t-shirt, website, email, invoice and more.


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Logo Pixel

Designevo has a feature of setting pre-pixel, and you can set pixel as per as your requirements.



Create Free Online Logo with DesginEvo

How to Create your Free Online Logo with DesignEvo Logo Maker

As I said above they have hundreds of logo templates which you can use and create your free online logo without any professional help. I’m going to share with you the whole process which you can follow and see how’s DesignEvo Feature’s work.

Step One: Select Logo Template

Choose Template - DesignEvo Review – One of The Best Free Online Logo Maker Website
Choose Template

Don’t worry we’re going to start from the start so even if you don’t know how to make a free logo with DesignEvo you can create one for yourself after reading this DesignEvo Review.

First of all, you need to select one logo template, or if you don’t want a predefined logo template then you can start from the scratch via clicking on the “Start from Scratch

When you select any template it will ask you for your company name and your slogan which we call tagline. You can skip that part and do it in the next step!

Step Two: Shape It, Text It & Add Icons

Add Shapes Text and Icons - DesignEvo Review – One of The Best Free Online Logo Maker Website
Add Shapes Text and Icons

Now in the second step, you can modify predefined logo template as per as your requirements and make it your brand logo free of cost. There are thousands of choices and an infinite number of designs you can create, you just need to be little-bit creative in your designing.

Step Three: Preview or Edit Again

Preview Your Logo - DesignEvo Review – One of The Best Free Online Logo Maker Website
Preview Your Logo

If you want to see that how your logo will look like on a T-Shirt, Mug, Dairy, Website, and on Invoice, you can just hit the preview button and DesignEvo will show you how it will look like.

If you like it, then you can proceed to the next step or if you don’t you can go back start editing your logo.

Step Four: Download Your Free Online Logo

Download your free online logo
Download your logo

Now you can download your free online logo which you have crafted by yourself. Now the best part about DesignEvo is, if you choose the free plan of DesignEvo, it won’t ask for your Credit Details to store in their database.

It will only ask for some basic information like your name and email ID just for sending you the invoice.

That’s it; this is how you can create your free online logo with the help of DesignEvo Free of Cost today!

Watch Video Tutorial of DesignEvo

If you still have doubt about how to use DesignEvo and make free logo online, then you can watch the video tutorial made by DesignEvo Team. They have shared the detailed process of making a brand new logo for free with DesignEvo.

You can watch this tutorial and learn how to use DesignEvo and make a beautiful brand new logo for your brand or business. You can also start selling your own logo designing service on Fiverr or facebook, you can create an FB Page and start selling your logo designing Service Today!

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[su_heading size=”28″]DesignEvo Pricing[/su_heading]

Designevo Pricing
Designevo Pricing

DesignEvo is 100% Free but they have Pricing for unlocking more features, down below I’m sharing with you the detailed pricing table of DesignEvo.

They have 3 types of plan:

  1. Free Plan
  2. Basic Plan
  3. Plus Plan

DesignEvo Free Plan

Their free plan comes with low-resolution images which have the max resolution of 500x500px and you can download your logo in PNG with Background.

DesignEvo Basic Plan

Basic plan has lots of features when you purchase the basic plan you have unlocked these amazing features which I’ve listed down below:

  • resolution 5000 x 5000px
  • PNG with transparent background
  • Lifetime support
  • Print ready
  • Edit and Re-download

DesignEvo Plus Plan

It has the same features as Basic Plan but you got little extra which is vector PDF and SVG Files and you also have the ownership of your logo design. You can make it your own and you have the full legal permissions of calling it your own logo.

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” title=”DesignEvo: Pros & Cons” button_text=”Try FREE Now!” disable_button=”no” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_BLANK” button_rel_attr=”nofollow”][joomdev-wpc-pros]


  • Smooth & Easy To Use
  • Download Logo Without Registration
  • 100% Free Online Logo Maker
  • Preview Your Logo Live
  • Support on Any System
  • High-Quality Logos
  • Unlimited Options
  • Save Your Custom Made Design



  • Can’t Upload Custom Icons or Shapes Yet
  • That’s It…


Good By Words

After using DesignEvo, I will thoroughly recommend you to use it today because this is the best free online logo maker website which doesn’t ask for registration for downloading your custom logo design. Well, I haven’t found any replacement yet.

If you have a better option than DesignEvo please comment down below because I don’t think there is any better option than DesignEvo.