CBSE Result Event - Event Blogging Case Study

CBSE Results Event – Free Content, Social Media Traffic & SEO Manipulation

Are you into event blogging?

If Yes! Then you surely know about Results Event, and one of the biggest result events in India is CBSE Results! And, I’ve worked on it…

CBSE Exam Results Event Blogging Case Study

I truly believe that nothing is impossible! And After CBSE Event my belief just got stronger !!

Event blogging is all about ranking a blog that is focused towards any particular event or happening about to take place. There are lots of events & festivals in the calendar which can bring you money in short time. All you have to do is hard work with smartness.

After CBSE event I’ve come to know some important factors which I’ll be sharing here, they are a goldmine because I was not using these important factors before this event but after trying them, I got to know about the importance of such steps. Also, I’ve also used a new technique to rank multi-keyword with one article.

Why CBSE Event?

Meri marji 😛

CBSE is the standard education board of India and most schools from all over India are affiliated to it. 10th and 12th grade have a very big importance here in India and every year nearly 200k students give 10th or 12th grade CBSE Board exams.

And based on my stats and facts, the result keywords get roughly over 10 Million searches on the day of results. Mind that there are tons of other long-tail keywords that get huge searches.

I was really not sure about the event plus this event had really some tough competition, however, I still managed to fetch 200$+ through Adsense.

Well, we were expecting more than that; actually far more than that.

Adsense Screenshot - CBSE Event Blog

But anyway, we have learned lots of SEO techniques, ranking strategies, ways to get traffic from social media and also found a new technique to rank multiple keywords only by posting one article.

One more reason we chose CBSE Event was, a person in FB Group shared a case study about RRB results with the earnings and traffic stats. That person had over 80k RT (real-time) traffic and that 80k RT was my motivation and inspiration to dig into this event.

I’ve failed but not truly, learned a lot which I’ll share with you so you can get more knowledge.

What Are the Reason of my failure?

It’s simple, sometimes you earn and sometimes you just learn. There is no failure in the process of learning and earning.

Some of our keywords were ranking which didn’t have million of searches but those variations were worth ranking on.

The major reason for our failure is “NEWS Websites” they were ranking on every freakin’ keyword. Besides until I asked for some advice from a friend (Iftekhar) I had updated few articles which were “Focus Keyword based”.

These are the mistakes which I’ve done.

I didn’t update articles to build frequency from the beginning rather I updated focus keyword based content (Example: CBSE Results 2017, 10 CBSE Results 2017 etc.), Ignoring all the variations. 🙁  

Also, I posted only 10-15 articles before I stopped working on content, I should have maintained a regular posting frequency right from the start.

But after getting advice from Iftekhar, I started updating 3-4 articles per day.

The Real Sh*t Began!

Now, I will tell you the things I’ve used for this event and new SEO Manipulation Technique to rank Multi Keywords through one article.

Sounds interesting, right?

Let me tell you first about those articles which I have updated. I just copy pasted all the news site articles with the Source link at the end of every article.

I only updated the latest one; you know how I got those latest updates of CBSE?

Via Google Alerts!

How to Get Latest Updates on Any Topic via Google Alerts?

Many of you might know this so you can skip this part of the article. However, if you don’t know, then do read it.

Google Alerts is kinda an alarm system; this can give you latest and instant update of any topic that you want. This is very reliable and you won’t miss anything.

One of the best parts of Google Alerts is it’s totally FREE**

You can select either “NEWS website articles updates” or “Blog article updates”, you can select every update “As-It-Happens” or you can get only the best results.

Well, let me explain the steps;

Steps of Setting up Google Alerts

  • Go to Google Alerts
  • Type the topic or keyword that you want to create and get alerts for.
  • Now you will see some options How Often, Source, Language, Region, How Many & Deliver to.
  • I set the “How Often” to “As-It-Happens” as I wanted to update the latest news.
  • Source “NEWS” only, How Many to “All” and leave other as it is.

Whenever I got any email from Google Alerts, I checked the content and copy-pasted as it is on my blog and shared it on Facebook with eye catchy image and headline.

As I already came to know that I was not ranking on the first page because of those news sites so I moved my focus from Organic to Social traffic.

Believe me, this is the right thing I did because there are so many benefits of getting social traffic and engaging your user to your site, it helped me to rank few keywords… Keep Reading.

Let’s start with that social media traffic that helped me to rank few keywords and what’s the theory behind this.

Benefits of Social Media Traffic in Event Blogging

It’s a very interesting topic and it also can divert into something else, so before I lost my focus and the article become a book, let me clear you smooth and direct.

Social media has so much traffic if you target it the right way (I’ve not run any ads to gain traffic). I’ve only focused on Facebook and I don’t need to tell you about FB traffic opportunities because there are no limits of it.

I’ve run ads to gain few likes in the starting of the page, just a few rupees invested. My article gain more likes, as I was updating latest news on social media As-It-Happens so I got a lot of shares which got me more genuine likes.

It was easy because I was just copy/pasting those news sites article and seeing real time. I’ve also set up the Push Notification to get more traffic.

OneSignal SS - CBSE Event Blog

So whenever I update content I see 60-70 Real Time users on Google Analytics. Through Push Notification I got 1000+ User to send the notification, easy traffic. Even till now I update any content It easily crosses 30-40 RT and stays around 2-3 hrs.

When I was doing social media there are so many fluctuations in Search Engine Ranking. When you drive quality traffic (Low Bounce Rate, People engage to you site etc.) then Search Engine started focusing on your site.

Because you are getting quality traffic, it forces the search engine to re-determine your ranking.

It forces them to re-think about your website/blog because people are really engaging with your content so it forces the search engine to think that there is something on your site about the topic which they’re skipping that’s how social media traffic works.

It forces the search engine to re-think about your site, the theory behind this is “When you drive quality traffic to your site it helps you to rank your keywords. Doesn’t matter where The traffic comes from.

When you drive quality traffic and you will see some fluctuation in ranking. But you can’t run ads or pop-ups instead, Focus on quality traffic else you will lose your current ranking also. As Pop-ups is not quality traffic so.

I’ve try Quora, Reddit & Facebook and only FB Works well for me.

I’m not a content writer so, I’ve used Google Alerts and those news sites content.

I’ve also used a new SEO Manipulation Technique which I call “301 Helper Tags

What is 301 Helper Tags?

I’ve used this technique on CBSE Event from ranking multi keywords through One Article. There are some keywords CBSE Results 2017 State Wise, CBSE Results 2017 Name Wise and so on.

My friend wrote a content on these keywords and I’ve done the on page settings like Meta Description, Meta Keywords (Yes I Still Use Meta KWs), Focus Keyword and Tags.

I love doing something different and trying out something different. So let me tell you this is the first time it appears.

301 Helper Tags is simple tag feature which is putting tags in any article there is not rocket science. But the science behind this is “301 Redirection”.

Yes, you heard me! I’ve put all the keyword variations in the tags and redirected all the tags to the main article. Let me put an example here:

There are some Keywords in CBSE event which I’ve also mentioned above “CBSE 2017 Results State Wise” etc. There are so many, I’m just giving you an example here.

My friend wrote content about State Wise Results and also state results. A specific article for each state and I’ve also put the Keyword Variations in Tags to redirecting them on my main keyword article (CBSE 2017 Results State Wise).

And Boom! It worked this technique is still in beta version as I’ve just used it in this event and there yet to come a full version of it.

Keep trying and show your results too.

This is all I have to share with you guys.

I know you were waiting for backlink technique, but let me clear you something about this event. Backlinks are not the main factor in this event that for sure.

Okay, here is it! Backlinks…

Backlinks are not the main factor in this event because I already have 200+ RD and 25 DA and few quality backlinks but it still didn’t work until I’ve used those above techniques. Also, we can’t ignore this DA 25 is decent to challenge those Authoritative NEWS Sites.

Ahrefs - CBSE Event Blog

Let me just give you the rough idea about backlinks.

I’ve used Comments Backlinks (Nofollow/Dofollow both), Submission Directories, Expire Domains, Profiles links, and PBNs. Keep this in mind “DO NOTHING”, before you update content and your content is naturally getting the index to play it safe.

This is all, I’ve just updated content first and let them index naturally after indexing I’ve started with profile links, submission then comment. After all of these, I’ve redirected Expire domain also PBN links.

That’s it!

Let Me Put Some Final Words

It’s a nice and knowledgeable experience for me because I’ve found one new Search engine manipulation trick also I’ve made 12K+ INR and didn’t invest that much as I already have server space and domain in 100Rupee around. All I’ve invested is time!

I’ve never afraid to experiment and digging into competitive niche or event because there are two things can happen one is you learn or second you win.

I have an advice for you, start now!

keep visiting and keep experimenting.


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