Expire Web 2.0s – Building Expire Web 2.0s with Precautions

Expire Web 2.0s – Building Expire Web 2.0s with Precautions [Part -4]

We’re back again and in this part, I’ll show you the proper way to Build Expired Web 2.0s with Precautions or you can say safety which you need to keep in mind while Creating Expired Web 2.0s.

This part is most important part of the Expired Web 2.0 Series as lots of people still don’t know How to Build Expired Web 2.0s properly and have the proper benefit of these free web properties.

[su_highlight background=”#0c0c0b” color=”#ffffff”]Before we get into this let me give you the highlights about our previous parts. We have started from Scraping via Ahrefs then we have filtered only expired web 2.0s after that we have filtered only high-quality web 2.0s and now in this part, I’ll tell you how to register them and build them from the start.[/su_highlight]

In this article, I’ll share top three preferred web 2.0 platforms and I personally use these three only!

Let’s don’t waste more time and start the main article, I’ll try my best to make this article as short as possible without compromising with the details.


Expire Web 2.0s – Building Expire Web 2.0s with Precautions

Register Expired Web 2.0s

Registering expired web 2.0s is the most irritating and de-motivating part of this whole expired web 2.0s link building, because even if you have thousands of expired web 2.0s having decent authority you still won’t be able to register them all.

You know why? Because these web 2.0s platforms don’t release them for re-registration or you can say user account is terminated or banned, there can be a bunch of reasons for that.

Before we start registration let me tell you some interesting facts about Expired Web 2.0s:

Interesting Facts about Web 2.0s

  • Not all expired web 2.0s can be re-registered.
  • Do you know that blogspot blogs redirect country wise?
  • Maybe you know blogspot blogs redirect country wise but do you know all the country extensions has different-different authorities and .COM has the highest authority than all.
  • Do you know that tumblr is sort of a social media site where you can follow the relevant niche blogs to get more authority or backlink opportunity?
  • Do you know tumblr doesn’t provide backlinks until you get it from the description of the blog?
  • Tumblr has a limit of checking available blogs, but blogspot & Weebly don’t have that limit.

Well, maybe you know these interesting facts about web 2.0s but anyway my work is to tell everything I can. Now let’s start how to register expired web 2.0s with keeping in mind that your IP can drag you into the black-hole of penalization.

How to Maintain Expired Web 2.0s

Before we start the registration part let me show you how you can keep all the details well organized so you can use them again if you need them later.

Advice: Always keep the record of your all the backlinks not just expired web 2.0s. I’m talking about all the backlinks you made either they are expired web 2.0s, profile, forums, guest post or any other.

Register Excel Sheet - Expire Web 2.0s – Building Expire Web 2.0s with Precautions
Register Excel Sheet

Add an excel sheet to your previous excel sheet and in this sheet create IP and Content column like I create, see the below image.

excel columns - Expire Web 2.0s – Building Expire Web 2.0s with Precautions
excel columns

Let me tell you what you need to fill in these columns.

  • Email Column: Fill the email ID which you have used to sign-up for the account.
  • Pass Column: Fill the password which you have used for registration and login.
  • IP Column: Fill the IP Address which you have used when you have registered the account. This will help you to remind the IP and you need to use the same IP every time you log in.
  • URL Column: Web 2.0s URL will go here.
  • DA – PA Column: You don’t have to fill DA column you can delete that but fill the PA column it will help you how much authority backlinks you have pointed.
  • Content Column: Fill how many contents you have published on the particular blog.
  • Anchors Column: Fill this with Generic or Rich Anchors, you can fill your exact anchor too which you have used for taking backlink. This column will help you to maintain the ration of your anchors.

Register Expired Web 2.0s

Registering expired web 2.0s is more fun and little technical stuff, you will feel that you’re doing some real spamming now!

Expired Blogspot Blog

They are the easiest to register, all you have to do is just visit the blog and if you see the “Register” button just click on it and register it but keep in mind keep only 10 max in one blogspot account.

I personally don’t use much blogspot blogs because you need Gmail ID for registering them and creating lots of G­mail IDs are a headache as they ask for Mobile Number when you started making lots of accounts.

You can’t use the same mobile numbers in many accounts, you can use it in max 2-3 accounts.

Expired Tumblr Blogs

Well, registering expired tumblr blogs is not less than a rocket science in the starting but when you get used to of it, it becomes easy for you.

I personally use expired tumblr blogs a lot because you don’t need permanent email IDs for registering them, you can also use temporary email IDs too.

Let me tell you in more details:

  • Firstly you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for IP manipulation. I personally use HOLA Chrome Extension which is free for lifetime, I also have Windscribe Paid Version for Desktop but I use HOLA Chrome Extension.
  • Now you need an email ID, you can also use temporary email account like temp.emails or getnada.com and just do a little Google search you can find lots of temporary email account website. You can also use Rediffmail because they don’t ask much verification!
  • Now go to the tumblr and change the IP via HOLA chrome extension. You can use your IP for making 1 account then change the IP for making more, Use one IP for one account only.
  • Now sign-up and they will send you a verification email to your registering email ID, just verify else you will lose your tumblr account and all the blogs which you have register on that account.
  • Now check the availability of tumblr blogs. Go to the “add new” and check. As I said above that there is a limit of checking tumblr blog, you can check only 8-10 max blog in a day then you need to wait 24 hours for checking more blogs.

This is how you register Tumblr account, keep each and every detail in that excel sheet which we have created above. Keep Email ID, Pass, IP and column which we have created above because you need to check more blogs after 24 hours.

Make sure you don’t add more than 10 blogs in one tumblr account. Keep only 10 blogs only!

Expired Weebly Blogs

Registering Weebly is easier than Blogspot and Tumblr because you don’t need permanent email ID and they don’t have any checking limit you can check as much as you want.

Sometimes I face a very rare problem, they ask for mobile number verification and you need to add the same country number which you have registered from.

As we’re using IP Manipulation then we also need to add the same country number to verify that account else you will lose the account and not able to register or edit your blogs.

I’ve Googled and found some websites that are providing temporary mobile numbers. So I’ve saved some of my accounts but they are not reliable that’s why I’m not registering more Weebly blogs nowadays.

I use Weebly blogs but I more prefer tumblr as they not asking for mobile number verification YET!

[su_heading size=”28″]Build Expired Web 2.0s[/su_heading]

Building Expire Web 2.0s
Building Expire Web 2.0s

I personally use Blogspot, Tumblr, and Weebly and these are the top three most preferred web 2.0 platforms too. So I’ll share the proper way to build these three but you can get an idea about how to create expired web 2.0s in a proper way.

So let’s start with Blogspot first…

Build Expired BlogSpot Blogs

Blogspot is a Google’s platform and Google love itself also it gets pretty much hard to manipulate blogspot as they all are Google’s properties.

When I personally started using blogspot web 2.0s I’ve lost one blog of mine due to low-quality Blogspot. Google is getting smart day by day and we need to keep up with him.

We need to change the way we do things, we need to get into more quality to manipulate especially for blogspots.

Let me tell you how I personally build expired blogspot blogs. I’ll tell you everything in step by step so you won’t get loose the track.

  1. You need to choose the template which shows the full content on the homepage because we need backlink from homepage only as it’s the most authority page on that blog.
  2. After selecting the template we need to stop the GEO Redirection of it, we need to paste the 2 line of code in the header before body tag. We need the backlink from .com extension only as .com holds the most authority than all the others.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

/* Get the full URL of the current blogger page */
var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();

/* Do not redirect if the domain is .com already */
if (!blog.match(/\.blogspot\.com/)) {

/* Replace the country TLD with .com and ncr switch */
blog = blog.replace(/\.blogspot\..*?\//, “.blogspot.com/ncr/”);

/* Redirect to the new .com URL in the current tab */

// Source: https://www.50shadesofblogging.com


  1. After pasting the code you can start posting content, keep the content length at least 400-500 words with 1-2 images and at least 1 H2 tag. All you need to do is make the content as much as readable and quality.
  2. You need to publish at least 5 content on each blog.
  3. Your blog is established now.


  • Don’t select the same template for all your blogs.
  • Don’t post the same number of articles on your all the blogs but post at least 5 content on each blog. Make it random, you can also schedule your articles
  • Use one IP for one account only and don’t open that Gmail ID from other IP or mobile.
  • You can use spin content but make sure it’s well formatted. Use H2 tags, images, videos etc.
  • DON’T TAKE LINK FROM YOUR WEB 2.0S JUST AFTER BUILDING THEM. Give them some time; take backlinks after a week or two. That’s why I personally keep an excel sheet with details after a week or two you won’t be able to remember all the details but an excel sheet can help you in that.

Build Expired Tumblr Blogs

There not much detailed left all the detail is shared above, you can use the spin content but make it well formatted but it’s a tumblr blog and you can’t take backlink from content so I’m sharing with you the step by step process of taking backlinks from expired tumblr blogs.

Note: Use the above point for content structure and you can use the same for any web 2.0 platform. You can use the spin content but it must be well formatted and readable. Use different templates, different content count, different structure etc.

Take Backlinks from Expired Tumblr Blogs

You can’t take backlink from the content as it will be a redirected link which won’t be counted as a backlink. We’re going to use the description section of the tumblr blogs to take backlinks as you will get the liberty to use HTML in the description so you can use Link HTML code to take backlink.

<a href=”https://YourMoneySite.com”>Anchor</a>

Use the above code to get a backlink, fill the description and use this code in the middle for Rich Anchors and in the end for Generic Anchors.


  • Don’t take backlink just after building the blog.
  • Don’t use the same content structure, use different styling.
  • Don’t forget about the IP because if your IP fluctuate your account will be terminated and you will lose the account and all the blogs in it.

Build Expired Weebly Blogs

Weebly is a website builder platform, and we have the full liberty to edit their homepage for talking backlinks from it. Follow the same precaution which I’ve told you in the above for Blogspot & Tumblr.

You need to build blog section in it to fill the weebly blog with content also create the about & contact us page.


  • Take backlinks from the homepage.
  • Put at least 1000 word and take backlink from the middle if it’s rich anchors and take backlink from the end if it’s generic anchors.
  • DON’T TAKE BACKLINK JUST AFTER BUILDING THE BLOG. Edit your homepage content after a week or two. Follow the same precaution which I’ve told you above.

Well, maybe this content structure is not the best but I’ve tried my best to make this article detailed as much as possible. So please share this Building Expired Web 2.0s article with your friends!

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