Safest Way to Build Backlinks for a New Website (Manually to Gain Authority)

Safest Way to Build Backlinks for a New Website (Manually to Gain Authority)

Building Quality Backlinks are really a pain, and damn complicated. Lots of people still don’t know the ethical way to build quality backlinks manually.

There are lots of free ways to build backlinks for a new website without getting penalized. In this article, I’m going to share with you my personal way to build backlinks for a new website.

I’ll share with you the whole process which you can follow and gain authority for your domain without getting panelized. This link building method can be used for any niche, website, EMD or any other web –type.

I’ll keep the article as short as possible and be on point so you won’t get distracted while reading this article. So let’s dig in and find out what you gonna learn in this article:


Safest Way to Build Backlinks for a New Website (Manually to Gain Authority)
Build Backlinks for New Website Manually Free

Why we need backlinks?

The most important question, because there are lots of people who still don’t know what backlinks does. Backlinks are the backbone of any website it helps you to rank above than any other website.

Don’t get the wrong idea that only backlinks can help you to rank, but it needs more than just quality backlinks. They are just the backbone of any website it helps to rank above not the only factor to rank above!

There are two types of backlinks:

  1. Dofollow Backlinks: When we get Dofollow backlinks from any webpage, it transfers some of their authority (Page Authority) to our website and it builds our authority.
  2. Nofollow Backlinks: Nofollow backlinks aren’t much beneficial because it doesn’t transfer any authority to our website but yeah it can transfer traffic to our website.

Nofollow backlinks don’t affect directly to our ranking but I personally get to know that only dofollow backlinks can lead us to penalize. So we all should maintain the ration of Dofollow Links & Nofollow links!

Now let’s get back to the main point, How to Build Backlinks for New Website for Free & Manually to build authority.

There is a process which I follow and till now I’ve built around 20-25 blogs following this technique and never get out of the track. I will recommend you to follow each and every step to build backlinks to your newly created website or blog.

Here it the list which you need to follow while building backlinks for your new blog or website. You can use this method for any niche or category website because it’s one of the ethical ways to build backlinks for any website. It free and effective too!

Fill Content

Before doing anything you need to build content frequency, forget about link building before you reach to at least 10-15 content having the length of around 500-600 words.

Content is the main part of any website, and why would anyone visit your website or blog because you have content. Content is king and no matter in what era we get in, content will be king forever!

So until you hit the 10-15 articles count forget about building backlinks. Maybe you have EMD or e-commerce website or any other niche where you can’t publish more content because there is not much keyword.

Do one thing, create a blog ( and publish content related to your product or comparison between your product and competitor’s product.

You can write step by step guide for using your product or you can write on any other topic but it needs to be relevant.

Do it for your user, not for search engine. After filling your site you’re not ready for backlinks because there come one more steps which we call “Social Presence”

Point Social Signals

Now comes the social signals, we all know what social signals are. It helps you to get people engagement on your website which indirectly affects your search engine ranking.

I personally use website, where you can get the share for share, like for like and follow for follow. It’s one of the best websites I’ve ever come across!

I personally use it for Google Plus signals only.

Build Profiles & Forums Links

Tier Link building

Lots of peoples build profile and forums links and say it doesn’t help, but let me tell you this you still don’t know the way to build profile links.

I accept some profile link doesn’t get indexed even after a month, but there are profiles and forums which get indexed within 2-3 days.

What is the ethical way to build profile and forum links? Do you know? For knowing this you need to know how backlinks work.

A backlink works when it transfers link juices to our website which we also call Dofollow Backlinks. Recently I’ve written an article about things we should consider while building links you must read that and you will come to know how backlinks work.

When we create a profile or forum profile it creates a static webpage having zero authority because it’s newly created and just born.

For building page authority of that profile, we need to pass some link juices to that profile to get the full benefit of that profile link.

You must be thinking why we don’t directly get those links to our website instead of pointing them to the profile or forum links? You’re right but here I’m telling you the ethical way to build backlinks for a new website and it’s one of the safest ways to build backlinks.

The whole process is also known as “Tier Link Building” and it’s one of the safest ways to build backlinks for any website or blog.

Point Some Quality Backlinks

I’m personally using Expire Web 2.0 and Guest Posting to get anchor backlinks. Anchors are the main thing while building backlinks, and it very sensitive thing too.

What are anchor backlinks? Well, this article is about building backlinks not about what are backlinks and it’s getting bigger and bigger. Let’s be on point and let me explain this in a short way.

When we create any backlinks we put a word to point link like an example Homepage or and we link it to our website. Here “Homepage” & “” are the anchors.

There are two types of anchors:

  1. Generic Anchors Examples check out here, click here, test page, welcome page, homepage, my site etc. these types of anchors known as generic anchors.
  2. Rich Anchors Examples: Your Main keywords are known as rich anchors like an example if your main keyword is “Build Backlinks for New Website” then keep the anchors “Build Backlinks for New Website” this is the type of rich anchors.

These are the type of rich anchor backlinks, and I personally using Expire Web 2.0 and Guest Posting to get rich anchor backlinks as profile and forums links are not rich anchors types because we can’t customize the anchor in profiles and forum links.

98% profiles and forums link are un-customizable. You can only get generic anchors not the rich anchors from profile and forums.

For ranking your blog for a particular keyword you need to build rich anchors backlinks but make sure you need to build generic anchors too because you need to maintain the ration of generic and rich anchors.

I personally use 70% Generic Anchors backlinks & 30% Rich Anchors Backlinks. You can also use this ration for your website or blog too. If this ration is not working to rank your keywords than increase the ration of rich anchor backlinks.

Final Words

Well, this is all I have, maybe I lost the track in the middle of the article but I just want to tell you the whole concept of building backlinks for a new website.

If you’re still unsure or confused than comment down below and I’ll help you out.

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  1. Recently only I have bought a blog and promised myself to make it a long term blog
    But the only hurdle for me was link building 🙁
    Thanks to this guide 😀

  2. I made a mistake while building links no generic anchor used. And forecly indexed . After the next day my website slowly dropped Google.

    We also need to aware of Google spam triggers.

  3. Hi Jagdish,
    Nice info. I have a Query.
    But what about rich anchors on internal links from pages of same domain? Is it affect SEO?

    1. Jagdish Kashyap

      Hi Nagendra, Thanks for stopping by and commenting… Well, When we build a link to our own domain it’s known as “Internal Links” which is good for SEO. It tells search engines that you have more relevant content.

  4. Hi
    I am a new blogger and want to know what should b the anchor naked website name main keywords supporting keywords etc.
    I have heared that their should b no anchor text for main keyword

    1. Hi Babar, I personally use 60-70% Generic Anchors and 40-30% Rich Anchors (Main Keywords & Variations)

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