Best & The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting of 2017 with Comparison

Best & The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting of 2017 with Comparison

Are you a WordPress Lover?

Looking for Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting?

Great, you have landed at the right place, I’ve listed down some of the Best Fastest Managed WP Hosting of 2017 and I’ve also compared their end results.

Just to make sure you get the satisfying results and WP Hosting.

You are doing right because hosting is the first and the important investment when starting your online blog or website.

We all need to invest in Best WP Hosting to make sure we won’t get down and keep delivering great content or service.

Before getting into Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison let me tell you the difference between a normal Shared Hosting and a Managed WordPress Hosting.

This is going to be an interesting read 😉

What is Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting?

Well, when it comes to shared hosting no one can beat NameCheap Shared Hosting. They are the cheapest shared hosting providers believe me I’m using their hosting but they suck when it comes to security, speed, and technical issues.

Honestly, I personally love NameCheap because their support is amazing AF!

But shared hosting sucks not only NameCheap but all because they use one single IP and Disk Space to load thousands of websites.

Which makes Shared Hosting risky and heavy. When you get any shared hosting from anywhere, you don’t get much technical support like they won’t help you with WordPress issues because they simply don’t know.

Com-on why would any company provide full support or hire any technical guy to help you when you’re just investing 5-6$/year.

What Actually Shared Hosting Is?

Let me tell you this straight, Shared Hosting is simply sucked!

These hosting are loaded with lots of websites just on single IP and Disk, which makes them risky. They are not secure!

Once I’ve faced an issue, back then when I use to use shared hosting.

Everything was going fine and I still remember that day when my 4 blogs get hacked.

Yes, but I didn’t lose anything because NameCheap Support is awesome. They have backups in hosting, I’ve just contacted them and said help me to recover and within 3 n half hours they have recovered my all 4 blogs.

Lucky they have backups in hosting, I’ve just contacted them and said help me to recover and within 3 n half hours they have recovered my all 4 blogs.

It was really scary.

Don’t use Shared Hosting ever! Because you can lose a thousand dollar business.

Then I’ve shifted to Managed WordPress Hosting!

The Begining Of A New Era! Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting!

You won’t believe me hosting is really a ranking factor because it gives you speed which indirectly increase your CTR, Branding and Keep the bounce rate low. (Visitors like fast blogs and Search Engines too!)

There are the bunch of benefits of using Managed WordPress Hosting.

Let me tell you few of them which usually people asked for.

  • Secure: WP Managed Hosting is secure AF, These servers have single IP for a single blog which makes them secure.
  • Speed: These servers are blazing fast, as they are only focused on one single blog which makes them speedy.
  • Affordable: I accept they aren’t cheaper but some hosting companies providing Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting almost most FREE of cost. They are providing hosting for the cheapest price you won’t get the similar price the awesome service.
  • Technical Support: Dude, seriously they will help you like a friend. I’ve used all these company’s service and they all are awesome when it comes to support.
  • Handle Traffic: A WP Managed Hosting can handle real traffic and also don’t let down your blog speed. Which makes them more beneficial.

After using shared hosting I can boldly say that don’t use them because you can Get Managed Hosting at the price with more security, technical support and lots of other benefits.

Best Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

Awesomeness Overloaded!

Now you know the difference between Shared Hosting and Managed WP Hosting so now you can understand which hosting to choose.

but wait I’m not done yet, now let me give you some options to choose. As I’ve already tried some of the Best Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting so I can give you some of the best options.

Now you don’t have to waste your time to try all of them because I’ve already done that investment for you 😉

I’ll try to mention every detail from performance to price.

Bluehost - Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost - Managed WordPress HostingWhat I tell you about Bluehost now, this is one of the Best Web Hosting Company.
They have lots of hosting type and price. They really care about their customers and always support them.

Feature | Performance | Support | Discounted Link | Comparison

HostGator - Managed WP Hosting

HostGator - Managed WordPress HostingYes, HostGator is one of those big and quality prefed company which provide high quality hosting to their customers.
They have all type of Web Hosting and Plenty of Options.

Feature | Performance | Support | HostGator DiscountsComparison

BlogBing - Managed Cloud WP Hosting

BlogBing - Managed Cloud WordPress HostingBlogBing is not that bing company yet but they are fuckin awesome when it comes to providing quality, support and price.
Down below you will see what is the difference between all those companies and BlogBing.

Feature | Performance | Support | Discounted LinkComparison

These above Hosting I’ve personally used and have good exprience with. They all are good in something and have top quality hosting and service.

You can blindly go with any of these hosting companies because I’ve never faced any problem with their quality and service.

If you still have doubt or wanna know more about their features, performance and support details keep reading…

Bluehost Managed WP Hosting

Features | Performance | Support 

The most awesome thing about Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting is they are recommended by none other than

They have 4 types of Wp Hosting plans.

  1. WP Standard Plan
  2. WP Enhanced Plan
  3. WP Premium Plan
  4. WP Ultimate Plan

They all plans are built on VPS technology which is far advance to make your WordPress blog fly like an eagle.

Bluehost Features

Their Managed WordPress Hosting Plans have lots of features and few common feature are:

 Go Up ^WP StandardWP EnhancedWP PremiumWP Ultimate
Visits/month100 Million300 Million600 MillionUnlimited
Included Domains1111
IP Addresses1111
Promise30-Day Money-Back Guarantee30-Day Money-Back Guarantee30-Day Money-Back Guarantee30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
CDNSiteLock CDNSiteLock CDN/WAF ProSiteLock CDN/WAF ProSiteLock CDN/WAF Pro
SecuritySiteLock ProSiteLock ProSiteLock PremiumSiteLock Enterprise
SSL CertificateFree SSLFree SSLPositive SSLPositive Wildcard SSL

Bluehost Performance

Their all plan has some common features also they all include high-quality performance. Bluehost is recommended by lots of digital marketers, bloggers, and freelancer because their Managed WordPress Hosting is the Fastest and high quality.

They all blindly trust Bluehost WP Managed Hosting. 

All plans include SiteLock CDN which means “Content Delivery Network”.

SiteLock advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) dramatically increases your website speed through its network of global data centers. Content is served closer to your visitors and ensures that every page renders as fast and efficiently as possible, regardless of visitors’ device or location.

Data Source: SiteLock

Bluehost Expert Support

They have trained WordPress experts to serve you 24/7. Call them on this number (+1 855-503-0450) whenever you feel stuck or need any WordPress technical help or advice.

HostGator WP Hosting

Features | Performance | Support 

HostGator is another the Best Managed WP Hosting Providing company, they also have plenty of options and plans to choose.

As same like other hosting company, they have many customers and products. They have other hostings too and their plans are affordable too.

But what makes them different from other hosting companies? Their Flash Sales Discounts!

Yes, HostGator is famous for their Flash Sales which makes them more affordable.

They already have low prices from their competitors and they regularly provide discount coupons to their existing and for their new customers.

Which makes them different from other hosting companies.

It doesn’t mean they compromise with their quality or support, they have awesome support and features.

HostGator Features

Hatchling PlanBaby PlanBusiness Plan
Single DomainUnlimited DomainsUnlimited Domains
Unlimited Disk SpaceUnlimited Disk SpaceUnlimited Disk Space
Unlimited TransferUnlimited TransferUnlimited Transfer
Unlimited Email(s)Unlimited Email(s)Unlimited Email(s)
Free Dedicated IP
Free SSL Certificate

HostGator Performance

HostGator is one of those best hosting providing company, their WP Hosting is thoroughly optimized. They provide Premium WordPress Hosting which has endless possibilities.

Their Managed WP Hosting is mainly focused on providing your WordPress more speed and optimize your WP Blog performance.

HostGator Support

They are top 10 largest web hosting providing company and have 8,000,000 hosted domains on their hosting. They have more than 800+  employees to serve you 27/7.

Their hosting comes with 45-day money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and is fully guaranteed by the CEO of HostGator himself.

They are award winning support, their hosting has Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups. They have a forum to give you more support and knowledge over their product.

BlogBing – Cloud Hosting

Features | Performance | Support 

BlogBing is one of my favorite hostings because they are more like friends and less like company. They are professional but they help me like friends.

The founder of BlogBing Mr. Saurabh Chauhan is one of the kindest people I ever met in my entire life. Whenever I feel stuck in any technical issue not only about their product also any other technical issue he helps like my best buddy! 🙂

Previously my Blogs are running on Cloudways hosting and some running on NameCheap Shared Hosting. The reason why I’ve shifted my golden blogs to BlogBing is their service and the quality with the amazingly affordable price.

I highly recommend BlogBing and highly recommend NOT to go with Cloudways because their charging policies simply suck!

When it comes hosting, we all need the best and the Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting. Fully loaded with features, secure and at the same time, we don’t want to invest that much.

Well, this is what BlogBing is all about. They are secure, fully loaded with features and at the same time they are affordable for everyone even if you’re newbie or pro.

BlogBing Features and Price

BlogBing – Managed WordPress Hosting

There are no limits off pricing, BlogBing has a feature to customize your plan as per as your need. If you have more requirements you can customize your plan with the features, storage etc.

There are bunch of features that you won’t get anywhere.

  • Bloggers’ Portal – BlogBing is designed with focus on Bloggers. You’ll find all your Important stats on your Portal Dashboard. Because we do not have time to Waste. you don’t have to anywhere to check your blog’s domain authority or traffic.
  • Fully Managed Backups – Now, Sleep with peace. Your Blog will be Backed up every night automatically. You can also restore your Blog from any Previous Backup with 1-Click Restore. One of the best feature!
  • One Click Staging – Want to Experiment on your Blog without Risk ? Clone your Blog with just 1-Click & Experiment on Staging Area. Push them back to your Blog again with 1-Click.
  • Unbeatable Speed Optimization – We’re using Powerful Technology and Optimization with Focus on Speed to serve your Pages with Our Advanced Caching and CDN+ Technology.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL – SSL is now very Important Factor in Search Engine Ranking. And, We would love to Provide you Free SSL Certificate with Let’s Encrypt in just One Click.
 Go Up ^Start Up 1Start Up 2Start Up 3Customize
Price (INR)(PM)249/-499/-999/-Custom

BlogBing Performance

I’ve shifted my golden blogs from other big companies to BlogBing, why? because of their service and the quality of their product. They actually provide quality even my this blog is running on BlogBing.

After shifted to BlogBing Managed WordPress Hosting my blog speed is increased and my ranking too.

BlogBing Support

As I said above the founder of BlogBing Saurabh Chauhan is a great person, and become a good friend of mine. (I Didn’t charge anything from him for saying that) :p

Believe me their support is amazing and apart from their product they also help me to selecing best for me. They help doesn’t matter what you ask for! Saurabh always help me with his amazing knowledge over servers and WordPress.

They are experienced but young and understand the customers need. Which makes them different from other hosting companies.

Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison

Based On Storage, Blog Limits, Bandwidth and Price!

Here’s the comparison between the top and the fastest managed hosting companies, I’m making a table which includes the best hosting plans of Bluehost, HostGator and BlogBing.

Having their storage, blog limits, monthly traffic handling, and price. So let get into this!

 Go Up ^BluehostBlogBingHostGator
PlansWP StandardStart Up 2Baby Plan
Price Monthly$19.99Rs.499/-Rs.535/-

Personal Advice from Personal Experience

Recommeded is BlogBing

I’ve used all of these hostings and now recommend BlogBing to everyone, You must be thinking that why not HostGator or Bluehost ? They all are big companies I accept that and they have far grater name in the web hosting market but my personal experience is BlogBing have the potencial to outrank them.

They are quality prefered company they actually working to improving and giving best product to their customers. Currently they have the updated and latest technlogy with the full human and AI support to their customers.

with these final words I finish this article and I’ll try to update it when I will use more Managed WordPress Hostings.


Best and The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

Product Name: Managed WordPress Hosting

Product Description: Managed WP Hosting is mainly focused on WP only, they are latest and power servers which give your WordPress Blog wings.

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • BlogBing

My Personal Experience with these Hosting Companies

Yes! I've used all of these above Managed WordPress Hosting Companies and I can boldly say that they are best and worth the price. I personally recommend BlogBing to everyone because they have more features than others.
There are other companies, I accept they have a greater name in the market but BlogBing have quality with the affordable price.
If you're looking for quality and doesn't have that much technical knowledge than you must go with BlogBing because of their support and server quality.

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