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Thank you for your interest in featuring your product on our blog.

It’s very simple to feature your product on our blog because we don’t have long forms or any strict restrictions.

We daily get lots of emails for featuring the product on our blog, and sometimes the product has a good price and we got the decent affiliate commission on it.

However, some products don’t have much commission rate or less product price or don’t have any affiliate program so we don’t make money.

It’s a waste of time featuring the product that doesn’t make money for us, as it takes time and creativity to write content and as you know nobody works for free. Not even our writers.

[mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]We have closed the free listing. We started charging for featuring the product on our blog. It’s not a huge amount just a small appreciation amount for our content writers.[/mks_highlight]

Pay Out Details

Don’t get confused it’s not a rocket science.

$50 with an affiliate link, means our content writers will write content and we will put an affiliate link of your product (if you have any affiliate program).

$100 with no affiliate link, mean our content writers will write content and we will not put any affiliate link to make money from that particular content.


[mks_toggle title=”What if you don’t have any affiliate program?” state=”close “]

In that case, we can ask you for the free subscription or $100 payout. Or both!


[mks_toggle title=”What after filling the Advertising Form?” state=”close “]

After filling the Advertising Form our Advertising Team will contact you with the payout link (Your Prefered Payout option). Just pay that and our writers will write a top-notch content for your product and our publishing team will publish it.

Before publishing our editor team and SEO Team will review the content and if they give the Green Signal then content will be published and delivered to you through your contact email. If they don’t then it will be given back to our content writer team to edit the content.


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