WoW, You are here that’s mean you’re interested to know more about 50 Shades Of Blogging.

Ok, Let’s start with a short intro and the meaning of “The New Level Of Transparency” that what my tagline is.

What Is 50 Shades Of Blogging?

50 Shades Of Blogging Cover

I love to tell you the story behind this blog name because it’s kinda interesting story.

Have you watched 50 Shades Of Grey? Yes, man if you’re done watching it then you probably 18+ or if you’re not then anyway, who cares.

Yes, the name 50 Shades Of Blogging is inspired by the movie name.

Here I will share everything that I’ve learned all these years, and everything will be transparent. What I mean by that? Ok, let me tell you in more detail.

Tagline – “The New Level Of Transparency”

Blogging is all about the knowledge you have that’s What I personally think and maybe I’m right until your primary goal is not making money through blogging.

50 Shades Of Blogging is all about the knowledge I have, and I will share everything that I’ve learned all these years. (4 Years, 4 long years)

What I mean by “Transparency”?

I will share everything, everything with name of the blog, Researching strategy, Backlinks strategy, Working strategy and you can get all the details of that particular niche that I’m working and why it’s successful and why it’s not.

On what niches I’ve worked and why they have failed and what mistakes that I’ve done, everything will be transparent.

I have something more special for my readers, Interview!

5SOB Categories – Interviews

I’m going to take interview of some hidden and famous both bloggers who are making decent, amount of money through blogging.

Blogger’s who are struggling to make money through their blogs but they have valuable insight about SEO, they will get invited on 50 Shades Of Blogging.

I will invite and take the interview, and gather information about blogging and will share with my readers.

Case Studies (NEW)

Case studies are the simplest way to gain 2-3 month experience via just reading. Here on 5SOB, I’ve recently started writing case studies including practical examples.

You can gain more knowledge via just reading these case studies and the most interesting part, Sometimes I do share blog URLs. So you guys can explore more and can learn more.

The Man Boy Handsome Boy Behind This Blog

Jagdish Kashyap Founder Of 5o Shades Of Blogging
Jagdish Kashyap – When you got a DSLR :v 

I’m a common guy, not an ant man. Common in the sense, not a high profile family, not graduated from high profile college or something.

I’m a college drop-out student, My name is Jagdish Kashyap and belongs from New Delhi, India.

I’ve been doing blogging for 4 years, after the 12th exams I’ve started exploring even more.

I started blogging in 2012 and it’s now 2016 (half-way). I do blogging from cyber cafes because I didn’t have any computer.

So, yeah It was quite a good experience and I will share everything here.

My first blog was “SahilAxis.com” when I started that blog I don’t even know “English”, The funny thing is, When reading blogs (like ShoutMeLoud) I have to read it at least 4-5 times to understand the whole thing.

Anyway, we’ll talk about me later or you can chat with me on Facebook & Follow me on Twitter.

If you have any suggestions, questions and just wanted to drop me a mail you can go to the Contact Us page.